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Ladyboy Name Has Big Tits and a Hard Cock

big its ladyboy

It’s not hard to remember her name, because this ladyboy’s name is Name. She’s also hard to forget because this ladyboy combines an innocent look with a really nice big pair of tits that most girls would be jealous of and a hard cock that none of them have! This set from Ladyboy gold includes great solo shots of hot ladyboy Name getting naked and playing with herself and then getting fucked in the ass and getting a messy creampie, I guess this katheoy isn’t as innocent as she looks!

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Jasmine is the Ladyboy Cock Queen

huge cock ladyboy

Jasmine puts on a cock fashion show before having her marvelous brown asscrack filled with sticky sperm! Jasmine has brought special jewelry with her today. She teases, asking if you know what the sparkling rings are for. With amazement you’ll see these are special tiara cockrings that Jasmine won for a “Miss Big Dick” contest! Jasmine slides off her panties and puts on the crowns, modeling the prize on her mammoth dark meat, a huge ladyboy cock. Jasmine devours a POV cock, throating with her slick mouth and slurping at the guys asshole. Jasmine has something in mind making sure the POV’s asshole is wet with her spit and prepped with her fingers. Jasmine rises up and slaps the POV’s cock and balls with her humongous cock. She’s driven to top and applies KY lube and slips in her bulbous bareback cocktip. Jasmine just wants a little bit of ass before it’s her turn for fucking. Jasmine is so horny she wants to cum. Positioned in missionary with her legs high Jasmine spreads her massive beautiful Ladyboy buns. Jasmine’s big titties are out and well-displayed and she jerks herself off. A raw cock pumps in and out of Jasmine’s perfect wrinkled ass-pussy. Multiple jets of sperm shoot onto Jasmine’s soft belly and streams off the side. Jasmine goes on top for a cowgirl ride. It’s a beautiful view from behind seeing her brown asscheeks smashing up and down on cock. Her thick cock bangs again the stomach of the POV guy and the perfume scent from Jasmine and her cum fills the room. Jasmine turns on her side and is barebacked furiously. Her asshole gapes and cock in full view as sperm shoots all over Jasmine’s crack and buns. Jasmine, without a doubt, is Ladyboy perfection

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Milany Vilhela Bareback TS Sex From TS Raw

melany vilhena

Okay, she’s not exactly Asian, but this new site TSRAW is so hot, I had to put up at least one set for you guys to check out. Raw, hot, hardcore, TS sex! Check this one out:

It s time to open your eyes wide and take a closer look at Melany Vilhena nad her pink bikini outlining her juicy busty body without covering her bad-ass tattoos. After a quick show-off, Melany slowly starts to pull those pink panties aside and finger her tight TS ass ring with finger spins and pushes as far as it can go. There s a big ring on the middle finger and Melany likes the feeling of its metal touch against her hole. After the pink bikini leaves Melany s busty body, a big cock finds its way inside her sensual mouth and starts poking deep. Melany has a special way of sucking cock with lips wrapped around it and pushing it towards her chin balls deep with moans along the way. With a dirty naughty look in her eyes while rubbing the cock, Melany keeps pushing it further and wants to make the dick so hard that you could break a wall with it. Along with cocksucking, Melany strokes her cute TS cock along moving that perfect ass forward and backwards. There s nothing better than a wet slippery strong cock to pound Melany s tight Brazilian ass and it s a perfect view from behind while she slips on the cock up and down moaning and shivering from that round bum. From reverse cowgirl to cock ride and bent over in a nice doggy style, Melany s ass is getting the fuck of a lifetime with hard deep strokes and balls slapping each other. Melany has the best way of spurting all the juice from her cock and that is by having another cock close to her mouth while she strokes frantically ready to cum. Moaning and increasing the tension, Melany gets a huge load of cum on her big tits and pretty sun after that another load comes in the air spurting on that flat belly. The pink bikini and red top go back on Melany s hot body as she pisses all the remaining cum in the shower. Enjoy this gorgeous exclusive episode brought to you by TS Raw.

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Ladyboy Natty Hot Bikini Hard Cock Creampie Ass

natty cock bikini

Here is a totally hot scene featuring the return of big cock ladyboy Natty – this time in a bikini and then some. This scene is from Ladyboy’s Fucked Bareback, and by the time this set is over, sexy Natty has had her hot ass fucked hard and taking a great big creampie in the butt – totally hot bareback ladyboy sex! Don’t try this at home! This horny ladyboy loves to show off in a bikini, and loves to get fucked bareback too!

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Gogo is a Sexy Ladyboy Girlfriend

ladyboy girlfriend

Anyone who doesn’t think that Ladyboys rule in Thailand needs to hop on a plane and go for a visit. There you would find real Ladyboy girlfriends like Gogo here, a sexy girl who works in a bar in Thailand, has a killer look, and a nice big cock too! This sexy creature is posing for some sexy home videos and pics taken by her boyfriend, who find this ladyboy very sexy and desirable. She’s got quite the package and quite the presentation, that is for sure!

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Sexy Ladyboy Natty in a Miniskirt

ladyboy miniskirt

What is the natural result of a Ladyboy in a miniskirt? At some point, you just know that her cock is coming out to play! Sexy Natty is a hot ladyboy and she is packing a pretty darn good sized cock too, and she isn’t shy to show off. She looks amazing sexy and femme in her miniskirt, but when the cock comes out, you know that this ladyboy is ready to play. She gets herself off using a toy on her ass too, naughty stuff!

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Ladyboy Patty Loves It In Back

ladyboy hardcore

Ladyboy Patty loves to suck cock and get fucked bareback

Wearing a sheer black fishnet bodysuit Patty gets a handjob while a no condom pounds her ass-pussy deeply. This Kathoey is a smoking hot sleek fuck fantasy. Pretty eyes and a big smile showing how connected you are together. No panties cover Patty’s cock as it sticks out from the open crotch of the fishnet bodysuit. Patty shows off her spread ass and devours a POV cock. Her mouth rides down the shaft to the guys asshole and Patty puts her tongue deeply inside. Patty lays on her back and lifts her legs high showing her ready hole and waiting cock. Patty’s cock throbs while she’s barebacked, her asshole gaping open and snapping shut with every penetration. A helping hand brings Patty to a cum-spurting orgasm all over herself. With her hole spread wide Patty’s Ladyboy ass-pussy is bred with hot sperm. Patty is The perfect GFE and 100% recommended.

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Ladyboy Opor Vibrator Wank Off


Opor is hot as fuck in that “girl (with a cock) next door” sort of way. That one that you would always stare at during the Summer while playing football outside. Yeeeah, you know that one, that would always smile back. That one that gave you the time of day, so to speak. Well now she is all grown up and fucking herself with a ruby red jelly boy; vibrator on deck, and just pounding away on her fat sausage as her butterfly belly button ring bounces along to the beat. I don’t know about you but that makes me feel pretty, pretty darn randy.

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Ladyboy Grace Tucked and Sexy

ladyboy gold

One of the most important things for a ladyboy to learn is the tuck, getting the penis to hide out of the way so that even in only panties or a bikini, you look completely like a girl. Ladyboy Grace gives us a great example of a good tuck in this scene from Ladyboy Gold, she clearly knows how to make her dick disappear because she looks super hot in her g-string panties. Amazing stuff for sure. She’s also a horny one, and this ladyboy ends up showing us how she loves to masturbate her ass and cum hard!

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Ladyboy Nana Has a Huge Cock


ladyboy Nana is quite the treat, this sexy girl has got it all – including a big fat cock! She loves to fuck too, and goes all out bareback in this set:

Fat cock Nana looks sexy as sperm leaks from her well fucked asshole! Nana is a mature Walking Street Ladyboy that is an amazing fuck. And she loves to show it! See Nana absolutely consume a guy, licking his cock and swallowing the entire shaft. Nana isn’t wearing underwear and her big piece of meat swings from under her dress. Nana’s ass-pussy is oiled and easily barebacked, taking cock to the base. Nana is fucked while stroking her beer can-sized wang. Missionary and cowgirl, with her browneye cover the POV cock while it blasts off inside her soft innards. Nana loves her ass filled with baby making goo like a real woman.

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