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Breaking The Chain And Moving Forward

intheraw-breaking-the-chainOne of the very basic things I have learned in more than 20 years of online life is that nothing stays the same forever. In fact, if anything does stay the same, you should watch out, it’s about to fail! Running websites online is a true challenge because every day, I face the issue of falling further and further behind if I don’t run as fast as I can. For most people running adult websites, the last few years have been much harder than anyone expected.

I have seen a number of people I considered friends close down their websites, sell out, or both. Some days it feels like I am the last shop owner in a dead shopping mall, where all the other stores have moved out and I am the only one left pushing stuff. But it’s a failed perception because it’s not an empty mall, it’s just that the shops don’t look anything like they use to, and it’s much harder to see where business gets done.

This could end up being a longer post, so rather than mess you all up early, I will break it into a “read more”. However, before I do, cheer me up (and make yourself happy) and get a free live sex webcam chat account over here. It’s really a good deal, there is plenty of free stuff and the action is hot!


Sexy Natalie Portman Doesnt Like Porn

Sometimes I read funny things that make me wonder. Natalie Portman is a sexy movie star with an amazing body (if you like tiny tits and tight bodies, she has both). Her current big movie, Black Swan, pretty much is as sexualized as it gets. Yet she says she hates anything porn or sex scene, because she knows it will end up all over the internet. Hmmm. Too bad, she can join the ranks of Celebs like Jeri Ryan (aka Seven of Nine for Trek Fans) in the realm of very sexy but not interested much in being sexy. Oh well!

Meanwhile, back to porn :)

A few things going on. Playing with porn tube sites,check out TVVX Porn Tube and You Got Pussy for some nice clips and stuff. I also started a blog called Firm Tits, which is all about girls with nice firm boobs (big or small). I am also delving into pussy eating with Hot Twat, the pussy eating blog. Finally, while it isn’t really up and running much yet, you may want to bookmark aes256 password, which is all about Wikileaks and the magic encoding on that secret file. Enjoy!

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Nibble that Clit

nibble that clit in pussy licking closeup pic

Can you taste it?  Can you smell it?  That is one hot pussy getting licked right in front of your eyes.  Seems these two girls decided to have themselves a hot little Valentines party, and that means champagne, a hot tub, and a nice selection of toys to play with.  Get naked get in the water, and lick each other’s pussy and ride big toys until they cum over and over again in a nice lesbian love scene.  Totally sexy!  Click here and check out the pussy licking action!

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Iphone Porn?

Well, Apple has announced their (somewhat overpriced, IMHO) Iphone. Nice touch screen… nice enough, I think, that there should be some porn on it!

Iphone Porn

Remember, you saw it here first… add an icon on that desktop and you could get porn on the go all the time… 🙂

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