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Bad Tow Truck


I love reality sites, and this new one called Bad Tow Truck has certainly got my attention. Basically, these guys run one of those parking swoop and scoop deals, where people park in the wrong place or forget to pay, and they two the car away. Sometimes they do repos too. The best results come when girls are getting their cars towed. They will do anything not to pay, and I mean anything! Sucking cock, fucking, licking each other out in front of the driver… you never know what might happen in the Bad Tow Truck! These guys catch the whole thing on muliple hidden camera and boom, we get to enjoy real hotties sucking cock because it matters! Fucking awesome!

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Crazy College Girlfriend Sucking Cock at the Movie Theater

sucking cock at the movie theater

It was college movie night on campus, and Sydney and her boyfriend decided to make the flick. Once they were seated in the dark, they started making out and getting frisky. Before long, Sydney was jerking him off right there in his seat, as her BF recorded with his camera. But a couple nearby saw them, so they relocated to the back of the theater where no one would notice. There Sydney’s BF rubbed her pussy and got it nice and wet. She was so horny and returned the favor by slumping down form her seat to the floor and sucking away on his cock. They were already so far into it at that point that they just went for the whole thing and started having hot sex right there in the dark theater. Sydney rode his cock with her amazing pussy and body, and he held his hand over her mouth to keep her from moaning out loudly. It worked because they were quiet enough that no one noticed, as he pounded that pussy and her big tits bounced all over. Well, at least until the usher caught them right while Sydney’s BF was cumming all over her perfect teen tits. There is really nothing like the thrill of public sex!

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Marina Angel First On Camera Fuck

marina angel shes new

Some girls just look like they love the camera, and that is certainly the case for sexy Marina Angel. So when a guy that she sort of wanted to bang shows up with a camera, she is sort of willing to give it a try. Good for us, because this girl is hot, naughty, and a willing fuck. She sucks cock like a hooker, really getting into it. and because the whole thing is shot POV, it’s like she’s sucking your cock! Excellent stuff. She’s a hot fuck too, the guy spends plenty of time fingering and poking her juicy pink pussy before fucking her good and hard. This girl is really fucking into it, her big fat pussy lips grip his cock like a vise and won’t let go until his juices are flowing!

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Kim Kardashian Sexy Ass Selfies and other Big Things

kim kardashian ass selfieIt’s pretty amazing to think that not that long ago (less than 6 months) a very pregnant Kim Kardashian was showing off her massive cleavage and getting plenty of attention for her sexy maternity clothes. Now, she is so concerned to lose weight and get back into shape, that she is flaunting her big round ass with a selfie on instagram. Talk about an attention whore, right? I have to admit that she has one hell of an ass, but it’s way too huge for me. But hey, back it up girl!

In the other big things department, well, let’s see. I added another Adult Cams site, more hot live girls 24 hours a day for you guys to enjoy. I also did a major update to Expics Amateurs and Girlfriends, turning the front of it more into a blog and less of just a link site, but it’s all good the links are still there too. I have also been working some other big updates and a few new domains that will go into play later this week, so stay tuned for that. Don’t forget to check out the All Free Erotic Stories site as well, that one updates more or less weekly with fresh new stories!

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant Boobs and Other Big Things

kim kardashian pregnant boobsWhile ever girl that gets pregnant ends up getting bigger boobs as they swell up ready for breast feeding, not every girl is Kim Kardashian. This article from the Huffington post sort of sums up the issue, Kim Kardashian is not only pregnant, but she is also still wearing the usual form fitting outfits, while her tits are gaining massively. Kim’s boobs are now almost as huge as her ass, except that her ass is also growing in size right now too, so it’s a bit of a competition. It’s funny to watch her try to stuff all of her new stuff into small little dresses and outfits. If you are into pregnant girls, this is an entirely sexy outcome! Then again, if you are into large breasts, it’s equally interesting, Kim Kardashian has got to be at least an E cup by now, amazing stuff to see!

Aside from Kim, my week so far has been dominated by dealing with local government on a business I am looking to start. Seems that they have some pretty contradictory regulations in place, and both a regulatory board and an industry association that are manditory and both requiring significant investment to keep happy. No such thing as small business, right? Well, it will be a fight to the finish, it’s fun to watch them squirm as I point out the obvious contraditions in their regulations and standards.

Other than that, this week has been all about working on stuff behind the scenes that you don’t normally see. However, I have added some more videos to Porn Star Videos, and that’s a pretty good thing, as well as working on adding some stories to my free erotic stories blog. Enjoy!

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Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom

farrah abraham sex tape

Farrah Abraham was a midwest teen, a cheerleader, and overall good looking girl. Then she got knocked up at 16, and became part of MTV’s Teen Mom series. Since then she has bloomed a bit into womanhood, made some changes, added some big fucking tits, and now she is the star of her very on celeb sex tape. Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom is a hot semi-pro porn flick, featuring this sexy teen mom and her outrageous big tits in a wild romp. We get to see her blowjob skills and she gets her pussy eaten good, and then fucked hard… and the big finish is that we find out that this Teen Mom likes it in the ass! That’s right, it’s Farrah Abraham anal sex as the backdoor teen mom gets her pooper pounded in a wild hardcore ass fuck you won’t soon forget. Nice to see young girls getting into getting ass fucked, right? This video is exclusive and totally hot, don’t miss it!

farrah abraham backdoor teen mom

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Vivid Celebs

Vivid Celeb is a hot new site that features many of the hottest celebrity sex videos all in one place for your enjoyment – plus access to the huge Vivid Catalog of material. You will see sex tapes from Kim Kardashian, Montana Fishburn, Tila Tequila, Chyna, Karissa Shannon, Paris Hilton, and many more. Vivid actively seeks out celebrity videos for their site, and we know that so many of them have wild home made videos they wish we didn’t get to see. It’s hot as hell to see bubble butt girl Kim Kardashian taking on a huge black cock. This girl is wild!

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Unlocked Cams

The whole internet webcam and amateur girl thing is totally blowing up these days, with plenty of new sites and such out there to enjoy. It’s a wild time for home made porn and webcam stuff.

The newest site I found is called Unlocked Cams, which is basically hot home made porn movies “unlocked” from people’s personal computers, cameras, and the like. It’s really quite hot stuff, the action ranges from sexy home videos to outright hardcore fucking, some group sex, masturbation, and so on. There is even a side order of lesbian sexy, first time girls kissing, and stuff like that. It’s a buffet style serving of anything and everything that could appear in a home movie, and it’s pretty darn hot.

Video quality is generally pretty good as well, most people are smart enough not to hand hold the camera for a long time, so we get plenty of hot fucking and sucking up close and really nice and steady, plus some great and very personal sex stuff that most people wouldn’t want to have online. The girls are fucking wild too, some of them look really stuck up and turn into raving sluts around a big cock. Great fun!

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Two Asian Coeds Suck and Fuck in the Dorm is the hottest place to see real college coeds in hot hardcore action. Check out the story of this hot fuck scene with two real asian coeds:

When I went to college, my roommate was my best friend. He hooked me up with girls as I did to him. In this latest daredorm update, these two guys are far from best friends. More like best frenemies if you ask me. This one dude totally wakes his roommate up by throwing flour on him and flipping his mattress while he was sleeping. Later he gets him back by having his friend jerk off on one of his pillows, and in the middle of all of this you have two gorgeous asian girls that love to fuck. We even have one of the girls do a solo scene for her boyfriend who was away that night. This daredorm has everything you can imagine, and more.

It’s a hot fucking scene, that is for sure!

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Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes and Other Fun Things

Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes scandal continues to rock the world this week, with the uppity christian former beauty queen trying hard to defend herself from a boyfriend who suggests there isn’t just one sex tape, but in fact 8 Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes. While so sexy topless pictures (pre-boobjob) have shown up, let’s just say Carrie Prejean rubbing one out on video would probably be a very popular download!

Meanwhile, I got to enjoy being horribly sick this week, which means some things are a bit behind. However, you can conitnue to enjoy my new Hot Sexy Girls blog here, plenty of sexy pics updated daily for the most part. If you prefer sexy asian girls, check out the hotties on Asian Lust, and if you are into cell phones, smart phones, 3g, and other stuff, check out the news on Broadband Wireless Access, where I try to keep up with the phone world. have an exciting week, and let’s hope that Carrie Prejean Sex Tape comes out soon!

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