Leaky pipes, oh my.

Hi Guys,

  Sorry but I had to take the bathroom cam and vanity area cam down most of the day.  We had workers in and out of the condo today, some pipes are leaking in the bathroom.  I will get them back up in a second but I will have to take them back down when the workers come back in the morning.  Hopefully it is not too big of a problem and they will be finished up tomorrow.  I still have the other two cams up and really I am on the desk cam most of the day anyways so you really aren’t missing much.  Especially since I am not going to be in those rooms while they are working.  So all you are missing is some hairy plumbers butt. lol

  Hope you had a good start to your week.  See ya on the message board.

      Kisses, Sammy