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Kim Kardashians Bumpy Ass and Other Touched Up Stuff

kim kardashian assYou know this was going to happen sooner or later. Pictures have come out of Kim Kardashian in a bikini, and let’s say that her massive badonkadonk butt isn’t quite as nice as she would let us think. Without photoshop, her butt is pretty much a real moon, craters and all. It’s also way too huge, to the point where one well known plastic surgeon says Kim’s ass is overdone. It’s gone past slightly unnatural and moved right along to freaky, good perhaps in a tight skirt but not as nice when it gets into the light of day. The unretouched photos have apparently cost her more than 100,000 instagram followers, as people realize that she’s been retouching every picture she puts up. The whole Kardashian thing can’t end soon enough!

Meanwhile, in the world of porn and adult stuff, I have finally completed a full network move to a new, more powerful server (256 GIG of RAM, totally unthinkable only a few years ago) and everything seems to be running nicely and fast too. I am doing some mods and stuff to make sure everything shows off fast, sites like Findpics Free Porn are really quick now, almost like loading off your local hard drive. Enjoy!

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Mercedes Javid Reality TV Desperation and Free Cams

intheraw-mercedes-javidReality TV is sort of the inverse of a mirror on society at times, because it seems to be that the shows create an idealized or aspiration view of the universe. It also has a habit of churning out papparazzi friendly and photogenic people for sites like TMZ to fawn over. Mercedes Javid is that sort of star, this Iranian American is on a show called Shahs of Sunset, and her most notable contribution appears to be her hefty cleavage – this gal has some seriously huge boobs. She started the show out quite chubby, but bravely did some pap pleasing bikini shots anyway. The resulting shots were either empowering for larger ladies, or a source of ridicule. It certainly did give the show some exposure, if you pardon the pun. Well, she has taken off a whole lot of weight (but managed to keep the boobs) and she is back doing pap pleasing bathing suit shots. It’s sort of sad to realize the level of promotional desperation that goes with this stuff, and also sad to realize that some people actually think that these shows are completely real. Ah well!

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Puke on Lady Gaga and Other Better Things

lady gaga pukeI find it sort of amazing to follow the progress of Lady Gaga, she went from nothing to something (many say on the back of blogger / media whore Perez Hilton) in a very short period of time, became well known for her always in character lifestyle, and pretty much managed to keep people’s attention for a while with reasonable but somewhat forgettable pop music. Well, Stefani Germanotta (her real name) has been on a horrible slide the last couple of years, from ducking out on a tour because of an injury to an recent album that really sort of sucked, she has hit hard times. She has been trying to keep the public’s attention but has been failing even in that. What we stared at with open-mouthed shock has turned to horror. At a recent gig at South By Southwest, she actually hired someone to puke on her in the middle of the show. It’s certainly gotten her plenty of attention, but is such an obvious ploy for attention that it’s quickly backfiring on her. People are realizing that Lady Gaga doesn’t have the music they want, and in the end, that is what is important. So puke on Lady Gaga, that attention whore’s 15 minutes are thankfully up.

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Kim Kardashian Sexy Ass Selfies and other Big Things

kim kardashian ass selfieIt’s pretty amazing to think that not that long ago (less than 6 months) a very pregnant Kim Kardashian was showing off her massive cleavage and getting plenty of attention for her sexy maternity clothes. Now, she is so concerned to lose weight and get back into shape, that she is flaunting her big round ass with a selfie on instagram. Talk about an attention whore, right? I have to admit that she has one hell of an ass, but it’s way too huge for me. But hey, back it up girl!

In the other big things department, well, let’s see. I added another Adult Cams site, more hot live girls 24 hours a day for you guys to enjoy. I also did a major update to Expics Amateurs and Girlfriends, turning the front of it more into a blog and less of just a link site, but it’s all good the links are still there too. I have also been working some other big updates and a few new domains that will go into play later this week, so stay tuned for that. Don’t forget to check out the All Free Erotic Stories site as well, that one updates more or less weekly with fresh new stories!

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Vivid Celebs

Vivid Celeb is a hot new site that features many of the hottest celebrity sex videos all in one place for your enjoyment – plus access to the huge Vivid Catalog of material. You will see sex tapes from Kim Kardashian, Montana Fishburn, Tila Tequila, Chyna, Karissa Shannon, Paris Hilton, and many more. Vivid actively seeks out celebrity videos for their site, and we know that so many of them have wild home made videos they wish we didn’t get to see. It’s hot as hell to see bubble butt girl Kim Kardashian taking on a huge black cock. This girl is wild!

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Mila Kunis Cleavage and The End Of Winehouse

Mila Kunis is certainly making a big impression on the world, and cleavage shots like this make a big impression on me. I didn’t picture her to be super busty or anything, but this Mila Kunis Cleavage shot is more than enough to catch my eye! Her new movie Friends With Benefits makes pretty much every guy dream of getting to pound her, too bad she flaked out and used a stunt ass rather than her own sexy behind!

Sad news of course is the death of Amy Winehouse. It’s sad because of the talent lost, but frustrating because the people who got her hooked on smack and encouraged her destructive lifestyle will all walk away like nothing happened. It’s sad to see it happen, but I guess she finally has peace, right?

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Brooke Mueller Apparently Not #Winning

If there is anything funnier than a celeb whoring themselves out for attention, it’s a celeb who probably wishes the cameras would just go away. Brooke Mueller is one of those people right now. She is a celeb mostly because of her failed marriage to Charlie Sheen, he of #winning fame. That fame is mostly due to some fairly public and well known intoxicated adventures, including the case that got Charlie in trouble a couple of years ago for a domestic dispute. Brooke and Charlie have two kids, they fight over custody, and now Brooke is apparently back in rehab after falling off the wagon, getting caught on tape in a pawn shop trying to sell some stuff and hooking more than a little hinky doing it, it appears. She is certainly a celeb that wishes the cameras would just go away.

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Sexy Natalie Portman Doesnt Like Porn

Sometimes I read funny things that make me wonder. Natalie Portman is a sexy movie star with an amazing body (if you like tiny tits and tight bodies, she has both). Her current big movie, Black Swan, pretty much is as sexualized as it gets. Yet she says she hates anything porn or sex scene, because she knows it will end up all over the internet. Hmmm. Too bad, she can join the ranks of Celebs like Jeri Ryan (aka Seven of Nine for Trek Fans) in the realm of very sexy but not interested much in being sexy. Oh well!

Meanwhile, back to porn :)

A few things going on. Playing with porn tube sites,check out TVVX Porn Tube and You Got Pussy for some nice clips and stuff. I also started a blog called Firm Tits, which is all about girls with nice firm boobs (big or small). I am also delving into pussy eating with Hot Twat, the pussy eating blog. Finally, while it isn’t really up and running much yet, you may want to bookmark aes256 password, which is all about Wikileaks and the magic encoding on that secret file. Enjoy!

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Jersey Shore Snooki and Other Naughty Things

When it comes to Putaface Celebs, the ones that really suck up to the camera, I think there are possibly none more obvious that Snooki from Jersey Shore. This tiny little guidette has fist pumpoed her way into the hearts of Americans, and her oddly attractive looks have really gotten many people’s attention. She is a tiny bundle of energy, that is for sure. She is possibly one of the best known people from MTV in years (besides maybe that obnoxious teen mom Amber… )

Meanwhile, I have been hard at work on a few different projects. I added a couple of tube video style sites for you to check out, one is Preggers-x, which is nothing but pregnant porn (hard to find good stuff, honestly). The other is You Got Pussy, which is brand new and still sort of getting worked on, it’s more of a general fuck and suck site, I suspect this one will have a ton of videos on it. Let me know what you think of the design. Also, you can check out my Real Nice Tits blog, nothing but nice boobies here. More stuff is coming, I have a long, long list of stuff to do and you guys will get to enjoy all of it, stay tuned! Add my site to your RSS feeds to get updates as they happen, click here!

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Shania Twain and a New Porn Tube Site

Been laying low and working hard, plenty of things to do and things are changing more rapidly than normal. Hard to keep focused, but my day is made when I run into a sexy picture of Canadian Singer Shania Twain (or as we use to call her, Choo-choo Twain). Shania is one of those absolutely amazing stunning sexy ladies, sort of like Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyageur). Interestingly, they both also share great discomfort in being considered sexy or sexual. Hmm.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. This week I opened a new porn tube site. TVVX is sort of a mixed bag right now, I am trying to get use to the software and see if it does all that I want it to do. There will be access to about 1000 videos over there shortly, plenty already, from various sites and such. Check it out and give some feedback, let me know what you think. I think this XXX tube thing might be interesting. I also have been working on my various blogs, the most popular by far is the Free Erotic Stories blog, followed by the tiny tits blog. New ones include my We Live Together lesbian blog, check it out!

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