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Exhibition in San Antonio

It started with a dare. I had been corresponding with a woman in London by email. We had hooked up when she sent me feedback about one of my stories online, and we began teasing and flirting. She described her sex life as vanilla, but when she learned of my exhibitionist tendencies she didn’t hesitate to send me a dare:

“Now I’d like you to grab a lipstick and do this…

“Wear a white top that is transparent. I’m sure you have something like that. Go out somewhere public like that, but please, no bra. I want people to see your gorgeous breasts and be turned on by them. Sit down somewhere where there are at least three other people. Could be a cafe, could be a mall, wherever. Start caressing your breasts through your blouse and as you do, spare a thought for Vanilla’s perky nipples and how I wish I could touch you. Keep fondling your breasts, for at least fifteen minutes, enjoying the firmness and softness, feeling your nipples get hard. I want the other people to notice. Feel their eyes on you.

“Now Susan, take out your lipstick. I hope you remembered it? Bend forward a little, so everyone can see your breasts and put on the lipstick. Paint your lovely lips and put on a show for them. I dare you to bare your right breast, get it out for them to see and start sensually rubbing lipstick over your nipple. If you dare, do the same with your left nipple.

“Then, and only then, can you get up and leave. Go home and masturbate for me.” I thought about it for a while – maybe ten minutes in all. And then I accepted the dare.

I wrote back, “Oh dear. Did I tell you that I am a sexual submissive? Or did you just guess? I cannot resist your order; it is right up my exhibitionist alley, which is where I may end up after I do what you told me to. I love being forced to show off my body in public. And today is a perfect day and place. I am visiting San Antonio, Texas, and know almost no one, just the friend I stopped here to visit. I think I know exactly where to carry out your orders: A nice, small restaurant in a medium sized mall near here. I ate there a couple of days ago with my friend.

“It is not too brightly lit inside and has some wrought iron tables and chairs outside in the shade. Not sure yet where to sit, but know I can get a spot inside that will let me limit my exposure to just a few people. I want maybe two couples and at least one lone woman. If I am really, really lucky maybe I can get her to hit on me. And there is a Borders book store just across the street where I can walk around close to people of all ages and sexes to show off my nearly bare tits. It is filled with racks of books and magazines and places to sit and read, plus a small cafe for coffee and tea and such.”

Preparation was half the fun, along with the anticipation. I wore a very fine-mesh, thin, white, sleeveless top, one designed to be worn over a bra or camisole. It was snug enough to follow the shape of my unsupported breasts, and sheer enough for my nipples to be seen easily; their color supplemented their boldness to show off. They were hard as little nuts all the time and tented the material of my top.

With it I wore a short, black, wraparound skirt. I like that one because the wrap doesn’t overlap very far; it lets my thigh show when I sit and cross my legs, which I did with regularity. Since the only things on my body were the skirt and top, I felt quite exposed. And I drew a whole lot of looks. From some matrons, disapproval, from most everyone else surprise and pleasure. It is funny, but men seem almost too embarrassed to look directly at a half naked girl; they use quick side looks. Women are less circumspect, especially younger ones and teens. They seemed to enjoy my look a lot. Many of the youngest were not far off my own look, so I was able to do some pleasant ogling of my own, but I was the only one playing with myself.

Overall, I felt almost naked. Oh, I also wore a white sun visor, dark sun glasses, and sexy sandals – the kind with straps that wrap around your ankle and hint at bondage. I was both embarrassed and excited. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but my pussy leaked continuously. I decided to just let my juice flow and enjoy the feel of it running down my thighs or into the crack of my ass. Good that my skirt was black.

I started out by roaming the book racks in Borders for about ten minutes, bought a paper, and then I walked across the street to the cafe. I stayed inside for about five minutes over a coffee, but then took it outside to a table on the open patio. There were six people scattered about me (I chose to sit with my back to the building), but there was an almost steady stream of mall walkers passing by on the sidewalk in front of the tables.

I pretended to read my paper but used the sun glasses to look about surreptitiously. As though not aware of it, I began to caress my breast with my free hand, homing in on the nipple and making it even harder. I noticed one woman prod her seat mate, a man, and nod toward me. He looked and then looked away, and then looked some more. I chose then to tweak my nipple with thumb and forefinger. It felt good and I took a deep breath and arched my back in pleasure. The man whispered something to the woman and she laughed. I pretended to look up at the sound and stared at them for a moment. Then I glanced down obviously at my hand on my tit, looked back up to them, and smiled.

The man looked startled and glanced away; the woman smiled back at me broadly. She, I think, had figured out what I was doing. They stayed in place until I left a while later.

More people seemed to be noticing me and I got bolder with my caresses, massaging myself openly, lifting my breast up and letting it settle again. My fingers worked my nipple more openly. Then I switched to my other hand and other breast, no longer pretending to read. When I put the paper down both hands were free to touch myself and I put them to work. Several people had stopped walking and lingered just a bit away, trying to not be obvious. (more…)

Caravan Gangbang

A little over a year ago myself, (k) and my husband (A) booked a caravan on a popular holiday camp for a bit of a dirty weekend get away. Now over the course of this long weekend, we had a lot of fun in that caravan, but one night will always be alittle special for me.. The night my husband watched me get used by three barely legal young guys…

I am not the sort of girl to be doing this sort of thing, but my husband had sort of encouraged me in the past to be a little more friendly, and well, we were on holiday and I didn’t really know anyone around. So I figured whatever happens, happens!

Having been around the town in the evenings, we had spotted where all the local “hang outs” where for the lads in the area; so it was just a matter of picking the right group.. With a target selected we made our move – Me dressed in my sluttish gear, and my husband hanging back, so the guys thought I was alone.

Almost instantly one of lads (Andy) wolf whistled me and I turned to smile. Quickly he made small talk as he attempted to reel me in.. As you’d expect from a group of horny lads, they conversation soon turned to how sexy I looked etc. I teased them by asking if they were even old enough to talk about sex, let alone have it.. This served me well, as I got to check they were all legal as well.


Wifey Learns Her Lesson

It began as a bit of fun, I’ll admit it.

Tom was over at our place to watch the game on television. Usually, both he and his wife, Fran, would be over, but Fran was down south taking care of a sick sister, so it was just my good friend by himself with Dee and me.

I asked my wife for a minor favour. “Would you get us a beer, darling?” I asked, and Dee gave one of her smart-arse, uppety kind of replies.

“What am I? A maid? Get your own beer.”

I hadn’t thought it was too much to ask, but my wife flounced out of the room.

Tom muttered, “It’d be a cold day in hell before I’d let Fran get away with talking to me like that.”

I didn’t say anything, and we turned back to the game on television. But I considered Tom’s words and thought about the way Fran treated him. I had to admit that Fran did always seem to treat Tom with a certain . . . what? . . . respect? That and something more. Certainly there was plenty of love, and she always gazed at Tom with admiration, even a bit of deference.

I sighed as I rose out of my chair. “You want a beer, too?” I asked my friend.

“Sure, ” he said, and I thought I detected just the slightest snort of disgust when he said it.

Dee was in the kitchen, but I didn’t say anything as I brushed by her and got two beers, simply giving me a smug look and a wry grin. After Tom and I had settled in, we started to watch the game.

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Teasing The Mail Man

Sitting with all the lamps off, the only light needed came through the closed window and open blind. Sitting back on her modest couch, in her modest home, she loosened her robe and waited. She knew when he would show up. Slowly closing her eyes, she imagined what he would look like. Having seen him so many times, it didn’t take much of her imagination.

She liked men her junior, and loved the way he wore his early 30s. She was glad he carried the heavy leather satchel of mail on his right shoulder, giving her the better profile when he would ascend her steps in no particular hurry. She often dreamed of how she would like to have him strain above her, using the same strong rhythm on her, as he used to stroke her stairs.

With a picture of him in her mind, her eyes drew completely shut, as she allowed her robe to open. Wasting no time she quickly slid her arms out, and tossed the brave cotton to the side. The crude canvas couch, kissing her bare ass. Slouching, she began to run her guilty hands over creamed skin. Within moments, she peeled one of her hands off her thighs and took hold of her breast. Hoping she could last, she thought less of what might be outside, and seized on what was happening down between her legs. The thought of getting caught had started a fire. The thought of exposing her naked body always made her pussy hot.


Party Play

Somehow over the course of the party, eight people ended up locked in a bedroom, me being one of them, playing a game that I didn’t understand, where the consequences were loosing clothes. Needless to say, mine ended up in a pile on the floor next to me pretty quickly. Four guys, three girls in various states of undress and the party’s host, Terry, passed out on the bed. I had started out the night wearing a cute blue top and white capri pants. Not knowing I would end up without them, I was glad I had chosen a sexy combo of a pink lace bra with a matching sheer thong. Very early in the game I had been the first one in nothing but my underwear. I was quickly joined by several others. By the time my buzz had caught up with me, it was me in my panties and bra, Jessica in her black lace boyshort panties and white tank, Lacy in a pair of jeans and green bra, James in his boxers, Devin in his jeans and no shirt, Toby in a t shirt and boxers and Kevin fully clothed in a polo and cargo shorts.

I was left with the unsettling feeling that I was going to be the first one completely naked along with the fact that I only knew two people in the room, Lacy and James. The unsettling quickly faded and became replaced with a curiosity of the others and a bit of naughty thought as I played out the end of the game in my head. After all, it hadn’t been my first time playing a strip game. After a few more rounds, I was topless, holding my c-cup breasts in my hands, trying to hide the excitement in my nipples, which wasn’t helped by the cool air in the room. Jessica had lost her panties and was sitting bashfully trying to hide her sweet kitty from everyone’s exploring eyes. Lacy was left in her green bra and matching thong while James was still in his boxers, the other two, Devin and Toby were both down to their boxers.

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By now I had figured out that Jessica and Toby were an item and were trying to help each other, but to no avail. Toby was having to deal with the fact that we were all trying to peek between her thighs at her cleanly shaven mound.



Cum Hiking With My Hot Wife

Last summer, Julissa and I took a weekend trip to the Bear Flats area to campout, hike, and have some outdoor sex. It was a chance also to expose my wife topless or nude to other hikers. It was a good three-mile hike from the campground, but the views, quietness, and beauty was well worth it; especially the area around the waterfalls. There was a good chance that we would be the only two there; however, Julissa and I were hoping to run into other hikers. Julissa decided to wear her sports bra to start, and a short-short pair of shorts with her socks and hiking boots. I wore my hiking boots, cutoffs a t-shirt and ball cap. The hike was relatively easy; the land was relatively smooth, and the climb was not that steep through the little canyon. We came up to a large pond and could hear a waterfall. The waterfall was spectacular. There were hundreds of pine and oak trees, plants, and colorful flowers everywhere you looked. We had not seen anyone on the trail coming up to the waterfall, and no one had been coming down. We had the place completely to ourselves. Close to the bottom of the waterfall, near the water, was a great spot to sit, relax, and enjoy the sites.

I helped Julissa down the slippery rocks to the great spot. She had packed a few goodies to eat and drink when we had arrived. The water was cool and refreshing to the taste. Julissa suggested that after we enjoyed the snack, we could take a dip in the cool crisp water. I smiled at her, having something else on my mind. I didn’t wait for the snacks to come out of the pack; I slipped off my shirt, socks, and boots and jumped into the water in my cutoffs. Julissa threw her head back in laughter. When I came to the surface, I held out my arms and told Julissa to come in the water. The drop wasn’t far, and I promised I would catch her if she slipped. She took a few steps back from the edge, closed her eyes, held her breath, and jumped. She opened her eyes just in time to enter the water below. The water seemed to lift her up as if she were floating on air. The water was just warm enough to keep us in, and cool enough to keep the hot day at bay. The time seemed to fly by. We swam, ate, swam, and walked around the hidden paradise until our hearts were content. We thought for sure that more people would know about this spot and want to come see it as much as we did.

After drying off and getting dressed, we walked upstream and came across a meadow surrounded by trees. Julissa wanted to get a closer look at it. Wild flowers scented the air. Julissa walked further into the meadow, and held out her hand for me to follow her. She kissed my lips, and ran ahead. I chased behind her, finally catching her and pulled her close and kissed her softly with more passion than before. Julissa slid to her knees and smiled devilishly up at me. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. She pulled my underwear down and started to stroke my cock with her hands. The smile on my face showed my obvious delight with her actions. Julissa was going to make this last a while. She slowly licked up one side and down the other, taking only the head into her mouth for a second and then repeating it all over again. I let out a moan, and put my hands in her long hair. I wanted her to take me all in her mouth, but Julissa was in control this time. She wrapped her lips around my hardness, and sucked me almost to her tonsils, letting me out slowly, and pulling it back in again. I let Julissa control the speed, but kept my hands firmly in her hair. Finally not being able to take anymore, I escaped her grasp and fell to the ground with her.


Spin The Bottle

Alex hated parties. HATED them. All his friends went to parties and had incredible fun, while Alex sat in the corner sipping a lite beer wishing he was home. He couldn’t help it. He wanted to fit in, but when those sorts of situations arose he felt awkward and humiliated. So, when he was invited by a group of friends to a party that was going to be held at one of their places, at first he was reluctant to go, knowing that he would end up looking forward to going only to wish to God that he could go home five minutes in. Knowing this, he only felt guilty because it was a group of people who held very private parties, and Alex felt privileged to be invited.

As always, it was mainly couples who attended: Michael and Johanna, Kitch and Alice, Erinn and Joseph and Tess and James. Alex knew that he would feel dumb going to a couples party without a couple, but he had had enough disastrous encounters with the opposite sex to last him a good many years, so he decided to stiff it out and TRY to enjoy himself.

The party was scheduled for 7:00pm Wednesday night, and the date slowly approached ever closer as Alex went to work and came home. On the night he decided to go for the casual look, wearing a simple white shirt and brown shorts with a black jacket. He drove out there and arrived at almost precisely 7:00. He got out of his car feeling pleased with himself that he was being so prompt, and knocked on the door.

Johanna, since the party was being held at her place, opened the door, smiling broadly when she saw who it was.

“Hey,” she said, opening the door to let him in. “Welcome to the party.”


Handjob Niece

My sister’s daughter Carolyn is an attractive kid. She just turned 18, but she is still in high school. She was very beautiful as a young child, but through adolescence she developed complexion problems and it seemed that her nose grew faster than the rest of her face. She still has some that gangly look that teenagers often have when they are growing faster than they can adapt to emotionally. But mature’s into an adult, it is clear that she is becoming a beautiful woman.

My mother recently passed away, and Carolyn was helping me prepare some of her property for an estate sale. Carolyn was trying to polish two large silver candlestick holders, rubbing this way and that, but was not making much progress.

“Here, let me show how to do it”, I said, taking one of the candlestick holders from her. I ran my hand up and down the shaft of the holder, saying “just do it like you’re giving your boyfriend a handjob.”

Carolyn blushed a little but broke into a big grin. “Oh, I can sure do that”, she said, as she began pumping her had rapidly along the shaft of the holder she still had.

I looked on in surprise as she jerked her hand up and down the candlestick holder. “It does look like you’ve had some practice. Your boyfriend’s a lucky fella”, I said.

“I don’t have a boyfriend”, Carolyn said, looking deeply into my eyes while continuing her stroking of the holder, “my girlfriends and I do it for the guys to keep them from trying to get into our pants.”

I could feel a bulge growing in my own pants as the conversation continued.

Hot Wife Finger Fucked

Beth and I had been to a show and stopped off at a bar near to the theatre afterwards. She had gotten a lot of admiring glances as we entered, well she does have a stunning little figure so I am used to seeing mens reactions to her. This night especially, as she was wearing a low neck-lined top and a short mini-skirt.

The place was quite packed but we managed to get stools at the bar. After a couple of drinks we decided to head for home but I needed the mens room first. On my return, Beth looked very flushed and agitated. As soon as she saw me she got off her stool and headed for the door with me close behind.

I asked her what was wrong but it wasn’t until we had been driving for about 10 minutes that she started to reply.

‘I… I have something to tell you!’

‘What is it Darling?’ I asked. Seeing she was somewhat nervous and shaken, I pulled into a lay-by and parked up. I waited patiently for her speak. I put my arm around her to comfort her. Eventually she started to speak but without looking at me, keeping her eyes on the floor.

‘At the bar, when you were at the toilet…. Something happened.’

I said nothing as I stroked her hair and let her continue.

‘You will hate me, I know you will.’

‘Of course I won’t, how could I possibly hate you? Besides, you couldn’t have done very much as I was only gone a few minutes.’

‘A few minutes was all it took.’


Wifes Darker and Better Side

“Jeanette really is a stunning woman”, I think to myself as I drop her off at Marie’s place. I’m working late tonight and Jeanette asked me if it would be OK if she and her friend, Marie, went to the Black Stallion club for a few drinks while I worked. Marie’s husband, Jacques, would drive them to the club and I would pick them up again after I had finished at the office at 11 pm . “Till later, Luv!” She leans over from the passenger seat and gives me a peck on the lips. “Love you!

I give her a hug. “Enjoy it! And remember – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“Come now! You now me better than that!” she smirks as she walks up the path that led to Marie’s front door. My eyes involuntarily drop to the swing of those perfect hips. For a moment I wonder if her skirt is not a bit too short. Then I look at how it shows off those long legs and decides that it is just perfect! I realize once again how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife and drive off to work.

At the office, I start up my computer and start working. There is a lot to do and I would like to be finished before 11.

After 9:00 I get up and walk into my secretary’s office to look for a file. I look everywhere but simply cannot find it. Then I remember. Peter, my partner, took it home with him to study.

“Damn!” I think to myself. “Now I might as well go home.” There is no way that I can continue my work without that file and driving over to Peter’s at this hour would be out of the question.

Well, maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. Too bad for Marie, but I’m going to fetch that beautiful wife of mine en take her home. The night is still young and, who knows…? The way she looks tonight… Marie will just have to understand!

I switch off my computer; lock up the office en drive to the club. I park my car in front of the Black Stallion and enter. The music is loud and the stench of cigarette smoke hangs heavily in the air. There are not many people here tonight, probably because it is a week night. I’m relieved, because this means that I should not have a problem finding the girls.

I look everywhere, but cannot find them. “Strange”, I think to myself. “Where on earth could they be? Surely they couldn’t have gone home already…”

Just as I am about to leave and drive to Marie’s place, I hear that delightful laugh! I turn around, look past a huge pot plant and sure enough, there behind a trellis with an artificial vine is a table with four chairs that I’ve missed. And there in the low light is the unmistakable blonde head of the love of my life! I sneak up to surprise them.

“What the hell..? They’re not alone…!” I feel the green monster of jealousy rearing its ugly head as I stare at the two men that are with the women. The guy next to Marie whispers something in her ear while putting his arm around her. I can see that she’s enjoying the attention very much. “Typical!” I thought. “Marie was always a bit of a flirt.”