162… the bottom

Well, I just wanted to update this section… I had forgotten to put a final and closing update here so I figure I will add this and maybe one more post later…

I weighed in at 162 this morning.   Having started this whole this somewhere around 195, I would have to say that I rank up there are a success.  As time has gone on I have slowly let a middling amount of carbs back in my life, but Atkins certainly has changed me for good, I think.  I don’t eat potatoes, fries, things like that.  I still remove about half the bun from a hamburger, and I don’t eat the outside crust when I have pizza. Sugary drinks are gone, never to come back.  I am sure that Pepsi and Red Bull has both suffered a sales hit as a result of my dropping of them off the list.

I haven’t been eating as well recently as I had in the past, but I have been monitoring my weigh closely to make sure it doesn’t creep up, keeping things basically anywhere from 161 to 165 depending on the day and various other bodity function related deals.  Consistantly checking my weight and paying attention to the fit of clothes is keeping me motivated, and much of the stuff has become habit, so I don’t even think about it.

It worked for me, and it could work for you… heck, I could even have a pizza from Coronet Pizza in St Laurent to celebrate… kewl!