1Aisha, what an experience!

Well hello there again, sorry I’ve been quiet for so long but I recently bought an apartment and I had, and still have, a lot of stuff to arrange.

Anyway, yesterday I had some some spare time and I decided to check out this great site I heard so much about LiveJasmin.com and I must say the people who told me I’d had a great time there were 100% right.

After I checked out some of the girls I ended up with a real hottie called “1Aisha“. Man, she really did almost everything I asked, I said “almost” since I’m a kinky dude and dare to ask some “over the top” stuff sometimes :)

I took the liberty to take a few screenshots of her so I had some souveniers for later. Here they are:

1aisha livejasmin

1aisha live cam

Check out the live boxes yourself, maybe she’s online right now! Just click here to go to a live box.. Alright, I’m off to chat with some more hot babes. Cya later maybe with some other screenshots!

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