2006 soon to be in the past

Just like many others, I guess I am due a year ender post.  It’s only the 28th, but considering my current posting rate here, I better do it now, right?

Anyway, 2006 has been an interesting year for me.  As I was born in the year of the dragon, most of 2006 has been made difficult because this is the year of the dog (until early February, dammit!). Dogs are the only sign that scares dragons, and dog years are usually pretty tough on dragons (and I know a couple, and we all have the same results this year).  However, like a boxer that loses a couple of rounds in a long fight, I am getting my strength and energy back and after a little more rope-a-dope, I will be back swinging.

2006 was the year that brought many great girls ot the web too.  My personal favorite is Lily Koh, a totally sexy thai teen that makes me drool.  Sweet, petite, and (just about) a virgin, this girl came right out of the countryside and brought her sexy good looks with her.  No hardcore, no fucking, nothing like that… just a freaking hot girl that will be in your dreams for a long time to come.

The Jordan Capri Hardcore Honeymoon of course was big in 2006 as well, and rumor has that the next part of the movie will be released soon… and it includes Jordan Capri taking a major cumshot on her ass!  Yowsa!

Other good things in 2006 has been my blog site Latest Movies.  News, reviews, and links… more and more people come in there daily looking for stuff and finding it.  Before you go out the the movies, check out what’s up on latestmovies.com!

Tons more stuff… but I gotta get back to work… stay tuned, maybe I will get more before the week is out!