866-383-0986 Home of The Cocksuckers…

I’ve been getting this call on my cell from 866-383-0986 for a few weeks and I’ve just been hitting the ignore button.  Today I actually took the call.

Some Gumby starts telling me that he needs to verify my registration information on my domain names.  I ask how I do business with his company being as I know he’s not from ICANN even though he is implying that he is.

He has the audacity to get upset with my implication that he is a telemarketer and swears that he is not.

He says he needs my fax number.  I tell him to email me the info.  He says that their email servers are being upgraded.  I tell him I don’t have a fax.  He confirms my email address then he hangs up.

So I google the number and I find a couple links:



What a cocksucker.  I pray he actually emails me with a valid email address because I know of some great depraved porn mailing lists that I’d just love to sign him up for.