A Wives Point Of View

Why are a lot of wives whores? Well I’m one of those wives and I can explain it for you. It has nothing to do with my husband he knows exactly how to please me in bed. The problem comes in because he works hard so I don’t have too, so he can not fuck me enough to keep me satisfied. I’m a woman in her prime; I have taken good care of myself and my body. I have great tits and a nice round ass, consider myself very attractive. So why wouldn’t I want to share that and my skills with other men? I love sex and need a lot of it a lot more than one man can provide. If I see a man that makes think I’d love to fuck him I go for it. So when my husband is at work I’m often in bed sucking another man’s cock. Does he know about it? Absolutely not but that’s ok as I never turn down his cock either. I like rough sex, something my husband doesn’t I like a man that takes control and makes me scream. A man that will lick my shaved pussy making me cum over and over. One that will smack my ass while fucking me. Someone that will grab me put me against the wall and fuck me hard. So I’m a woman with big tits, tight pussy and a mouth that loves to feel a cock grow hard in it. If picking up men and getting pleased and pleasing them make me a Whoring Wife, then I’m proud to be a Whore.