And a Happy 06/06/06 to you – Big Dicks it is!

While thousands of Christians all over the world are praying that the sky won’t fall down today I myself am pretty sure that tomorrow there’s going to be another day full of porn.

But why wait until tomorrow, there’s porn today.
Let’s see what we got for you today… Oh yeah, there’s this girl in my neighbourhood called Tiffany. She just graduated as a school teacher and is searching for a job at the moment.

In the meantime she takes on several little jobs to keep the money coming in. But last week, she got scammed…
The guys from “Her First Big Cock” spotted her on the street, went over to her, made her believe they were from a band called the Puffy Nichols band and told her they were looking for some video footage for their new smash hit “Nippleheadâ€?.

Little did she know she was in for something completely different…

Watch her swallow her first big cock!

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