Another Dose Of Those Wacky Search Phrases

Ok, this month some of these actually made me laugh.  They you might not find the humor, but who am I doing this for you or me!  Enjoy!

  • lesbians shitting (might as well start off with a bang!)
  • tit fucking laws (are you shitting me?  how could someone be so fucking stupid that they think by any stretch of the imagination that tit fucking could be illeagal?)
  • third world porn pics (see the problem is it’s not actually porn, it’s really an instructional video that teaches which orafices bombs can be smuggled in… yeah I know that’s bad)
  • jewish MILFS (oy vey!  I love it)
  • turkey fucking (some people are really fucked up!)
  • crapulance (it’s one of my favorite words!)
  • is double penetration pleasurable? (good question)
  • ice dongs (a great fucking product!)
  • women with open assholes pornsites (that’s called gaping btw!  I love being educational)