August has ended, September is here

First of all a happy 1st of September all, I hope you had a great August. I know I hadn’t :(

In the little piece of land where I live, Belgium, August went down as the month with the least amount of sunshine hours since they began keeping records of it. The sun spoiled us with a sizzling 36 hours of sunshine in the last month.

Other than that we had our anual “fun” fair in my town which is a lame excuse for taking a week off from work and getting drunk for 6 days in a row. I must say my effort to do that last thing was a big succes :)

I also celebrated my Birthday on August 11th and with celebrated I mean getting drunk again and trying to get as many kisses from as many girls possible. Unfortunately I didn’t reach my goal of ending up in bed with at least 3 of those girly persons. Well, there’s always next year.

For the rest August was all about slinging porn for me, you’ll probably see the results of it in here soon. Have a great weekend all!

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