AVN AEE Representing

See, I wasn’t bullshitting, I really was represented at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo!  Here’s a few pics my drunken friend was able to snap off before security guards confiscated his camera!

Enough prefacing shit, let’s just get into the pics…

I Love Vagina

Hey, who the HELL doesn’t?

Porn Twins

And the twins….  Ok, that was an old lame reference, but fuck you, this shit’s free what do you expect my ‘A’ material? (thanks Krusty!!!)

Victoria Givens

Time to play, can you spot the whore ?  Ok, kind of a trick question, I know so let me narrow it down!  Can you spot the whore that had anal sex with 101 men in 12 hours, with absolutely no anal lubrication to set a world record!?!?…

Neither could I, because since then she’s gained a lot of weight which makes her giant fake tits look small.  Maybe after the anal gangbang she still needed more cum and just ate her fluffer….moving on!

Whores in a row

God I love whores.  And yes, I consider Wankus a whore too.  Simon got a couple of these bitches to flirt with him yet he tells me in confidence that he wouldn’t want to bang any of them.  See, I remember him telling a group of us he was gay once, and I thought it was just the drugs talking.

Lola Lust

Well, no one’s ever heard of her, but Lola Lust has some nice tits.

Well, those were the best pics I have from AVN AEE 2007.  Ok, I know, they weren’t very depraved, but what the Hell can you expect when you send a gay drunkard to do a real mans job.

Well, next year, Hell or high water I’ve gotta get to AVN and represent.  Hell, maybe I’ll just have to get there this summer.

Thanks for the pics Simon!!!