Barber Shop

Bailey hopped out of the cab and strode into the “Intimate Hair Salon” stopping at the front desk to confirm her 11:30 appointment. “Go right on in, Mrs. Drake,” the receptionist said, “Marie has just finished up with her 11:00!” “Good,” replied Bailey, “I’m kinda in a hurry so it’s perfect timing!” Bailey went through the door and headed back to cubicle number six, where she found Marie waiting for her. Marie was a originally from France, and Bailey never got tired of hearing the young woman speak in her thick French accent! “Good morning ma’am,” Marie said pleasantly, “and what does Madame wish to have done today!?!” “Good morning, Marie” Bailey replied, “I’m in a bit of a rush, so let’s just go with the haircut today, okay?” “Oui, Madame, the usual,” asked Marie, “the vulva nice and clean with just a trim on your upper bush?” “Sounds like a winner to me,” Bailey answered quickly, while removing all of the clothing below her waist and hopping up into the reclining barber chair and putting her legs in the two rests leaving her vagina exposed for easy access! Marie started a pan of hot water, and while she was waiting for it to fill, she sat down on the stool between Bailey’s legs and ran her hand through the thick dark bush that covered Bailey’s twat and offered, “Madame has let her private hair get very long, it’s definitely time to trim it off!!!” Bailey simply nodded, and closed her eyes, while trying to take a sort nap.

She was about to nod off, but was jarred back to reality when Marie drenched her crotch with a wash cloth full of steaming hot water, and let out a little yelp and Marie asked if it was too hot? “Oh, no,” Bailey replied quickly, “I was just startled for a second, go ahead and continue!!!” Maire reloaded her rag and began gently washing the entire vaginal area, from the top on her vee, all the way to her tight little ass hole! After a minute or so, Bailey became used to the extreme warmth, and as usual the combination of heat and soap made her pussy throb with excitement! Marie had a very soft touch, and she expertly lathered Bailey’s vagina for at least five minutes, making the older woman’s cunt drip with sexual anticipation!!! When she was finished with her washing, Marie rinsed the whole area with warm water, and then dried the hair with an electric hair dryer. As she went about her work Marie asked, “Is Madame satisfied so far!?!” “Very nice,” replied Bailey, “very nice indeed!” After the drying was complete, Marie squirted a generous amount of hot oil into her hands and worked it up and down the length of Bailey’s slit, making sure that all of the hair on her lips was thoroughly saturated. While she wasn’t specifically trying to, it was inevitable that during this procedure the client’s clitoris was sure to be bumped into from time to time, and each time her fingers made contact with Bailey’s clit, her body stiffened for a second or two! When she was sure that the hair on Bailey’s lips were soft and supple, Maire took a razor and carefully began shaving the by now very puffy lips! As she was shaving her, Marie commented, “Madame’s lips are very plump, and her clitoris is also very full, oui!?!” Bailey was now breathing shallowly, and she was glad that that sounded like a rhetorical question, because she wasn’t sure that she could have answered her!!!

Finally the cold steel stopped moving over her lips, and Bailey could feel that Marie was now using a scissors on her vee bush! Marie worked quickly, and soon the vee was shaped and trimmed to a more manageable size, neat and trim over the now smooth pussy lips! After she was done with her trimming and shaving, Marie again ran some hot water and rewashed Bailey’s crotch, this time, however, she purposely let her fingers massage the prominent clit that had forced its way through the folds of flesh that usually kept it hidden! Again, Maire dried Bailey’s hair and then applied a thin layer of warm oil to her just shaved lips, taking a lot of time to make sure that any razor burn was soothed with the slick substance! As she palmed the bulging lips, Marie said softly, “I think Madame needs the complete treatment, no!?!” Through gritted teeth Bailey panted, “P-p- lease, yes, do it now, please!!!” Marie smiled, gave Bailey’s vagina one last rub, and them plugged in a large thick vibrator and slowly slid it into the now drenched cunt! Although the women were confined to cubicles, it was easy to hear what was going on around you if you paid attention, and as the buzzing thickness made its way into her pussy, Bailey could hear other ladies having orgasms all around her!!! Being in a room full of women who were climaxing all around her was unbelievably intoxicating, and the sexual tension in the salon could be cut with a knife! Marie had taken care of Bailey many times in the past and knew exactly how she liked to be satisfied!!! After getting the full eight inches into her pussy, Marie began stroking in and out slowly, letting the spring in Bailey’s cunt wind tighter and tighter!!! As the older woman began to moan, Marie picked up the pace until she was ramming the thick piece of vibrating plastic in and out of the molten cunt as fast as her arm could move!!! By now Bailey was on the orgasmic express, with no stops until the final eruption, and as her moans turned into loud groans, she was begging the little French tart to fuck her harder and harder!!! The oil on her pussy and the in and out motion of the fake cock drove Bailey hard and fast over the edge, and her cunt muscles contracted hard around the thick invader, trying desperately to get a grip on the slick plastic, but to no avail!!! All it could do was shudder wildly, sending a bolt of lightning through Bailey’s entire body, causing an involuntary spasm that lasted for almost a minute!!!

After dressing Bailey reached into her purse and handed Marie a twenty dollar tip and said, “Now that was a haircut!!!”