I’m kinda bummed tonight.  It isn’t anything specific, I guess it’s an amalgam of a bunch of little petty things, which makes me feel all the much worse — that I am being brought low by petty issues.

I need to kick myself out of this funk.  I’m tempted to do something completely unexpected and drastic only to regret that act tomorrow.  Tempted…

Oh well here’s some pics of Vanessa Lane getting a double penetration.  I guess you could call that drastic for her. 

While I’m talking about Vanessa Lane, what the fuck is going on with her?  When I first saw her she was this flexible athletic porn bitch that was horribly depraved.  I loved her!  Lately she’s starting to look like a victim of a concentration camp.  I hope she’s not doing meth because she has a very bright future in getting ass-fucked.

Anyway, here’s the porn, enjoy:

Vanessa Lane DP