Busy day

I’ve started unplugging my Vonage phone adapter before going to bed and turning my cell phone to silent so no more getting phone calls in the morning that wake me up. It’s nice being able to instantly kill all the phones in my house my unplugging just one device, just one more advantage to leaving the phone company and switching to Vonage.

Nice that I got a good night’s sleep since today has been a day from hell. Was driving over to Angel’s place when a three inch bolt went though one of my rear tires. My Vette has run flats so even though I lost all the air in the tire instantly I was able to drive to the tire place. The odd thing is it happened almost in front of the place where I always buy tires as I was driving past it. Tire was beyond repair but was close to needing replacing anyway so I got two new rear tires.

Been a day of upgrading software and stuff today which is always tedious and boring. Did this promo piece for Angel’s site this morning before heading out, Tgirl Nicloe Getting Nasty In Jai.

I’m writing this from one of Angel’s machines. We just ordered sushi as we are both staving but it’s back to computer hell after eating.