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The Free Pimp has big news!

First of all The Free Pimp wants to thank all my surfers and visitors, and especially everyone who has bookmarked my site!

I’ve been searching and pimpin’ all over the net to find new sites that you can access for free, and I’ve found a bunch of awesome sites I’m sure everyone will love.  So stay tuned and be sure to bookmark THe Free Pimp if you haven’t already.  I’ll be updating all the time with fresh new sites.

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New Live Sex Site: XTC Live

Okay, no picture or anything for this site yet, it is brand new and packed with a bunch of new faces I haven’t seen in any live site before.  The video quality is good, the girls are friendly, and they actually have schedules so you might be able to find the girl you really like!  Not a 1 million girls live thing, maybe 50-100 girls live at a time, but these girls are nice, and they seem like they want to have some fun.

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