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Filthy Sorority Initation

I spent all afternoon and evening working on my research paper. It was now 8:00 pm and I headed back to my dorm room. The college campus was rather quiet this evening as I walked across the grounds. There was never much activity until the weekends. For a Wednesday night all there was to do was return to my room, have a few beers and watch T.V.

As I continued to my dorm room I was approached by this cute blonde named Karen. I didn’t really know her that well, but she was in one of my classes. “Excuse me, but aren’t we in the same English class together? Apparently she recognized me. For a few minutes we just exchanged some idle conversation. I thought it strange and began wondering what she really wanted. Finally she got around to it.

She asked, ” would you be interested in helping out the girls at my sorority?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

She explained, “We have an initiation tonight. You would be just perfect to help us out. I was looking for a big guy and you’re exactly right. You must be, what, 6’5” tall or so?

“Yes that’s right,” I replied. “What’s this all about?”

“Well, the girl being initiated into the sorority has to do whatever we tell her all night. She’s a very attractive girl and you would have to be willing to… a… screw her… and in front of the rest of the girls. We would all love to watch a big guy like you fuck her. That’s her initiation, only she doesn’t know it yet. I’m sure you would have a good time. Are you interested?”

How could I turn this opportunity down? I eagerly accepted. I wondered as we walked to the sorority house what this girl really looked like. This definitely had the making of a better evening than I expected. I just hoped she was at least somewhat attractive.

When I entered the sorority house there were twelve girls waiting for the entertainment to start. Karen introduced me to Jennifer, the girl to be inducted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was an extremely beautiful girl with pure blonde hair. Jennifer was about 5′ 7″ tall, had a slender body, long gorgeous legs and a fantastic set of well proportioned breasts. Her long blonde hair flowed down to the middle of her back just above an incredible firm ass. This girl was some knockout. What a beautiful body on this young lady and I was going to get to fuck her.

After the introductions we talked for awhile. As it turned out, Jennifer really had no idea what was about to happen to her. Actually, the secrecy of the situation made it even that much more exciting. Jennifer was a very prim and proper young lady. This was her freshman year at the college and she wanted to make some new friends and be quickly accepted on campus. Joining the sorority was the quickest way, she thought, to get to know college life.

Karen finally started to explain the initiation.

“Okay, Jennifer. You’re sure you want to be a member of our sorority?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” she replied.

“All right then. Your initiation starts tonight. You will do exactly as I say for the remainder of the evening. If you don’t, then you will not be accepted in our group. Do you understand that and agree?

“Yes, I’ll do as you say.” Jennifer replied.

“Okay, Jennifer. You are the entertainment for tonight. You’re going to give us the best sex show ever.”

“What! ” Jennifer exclaimed in a frightened voice. “Are you expecting me to do it with him in front of all of you?”

“That’s right,” Karen said. “So just shut up and do as your told, like you agreed.”

Karen instructed Jennifer to strip. Everyone watched as Jennifer reluctantly began to remove all her clothes. When she was down to just her bra and panties, I felt my cock start to grow. Jennifer unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor revealing those delicious soft breasts. Her tits were perfect, standing out from her chest at full attention. My eyes stared at her nipples that were large and soft begging for my mouth to make them erect from the caress of my tongue. As her panties fell to the floor my cock was straining in my pants. She had a perfect body. Jennifer was tanned all over except for a small area around each breast and a small patch around her pubic hair. I could only imagine how revealing she must look in a bikini for even her ass was tan.

“Take his cock out and start sucking it,” Karen ordered. Jennifer hesitated at first, but then knelt down unzipping me and pulled out my hard stiff rod. I began unbuckling my pants to give her better access. She licked the head of my cock as I dropped my pants and underwear and stepped out of them. My shirt came off just as quickly. Jennifer took me in her mouth, but not very deep. She licked the head of my cock and took it through her lips only a couple inches, which drew some comments from the crowd. “All the way down,” they yelled.

Jennifer managed to take about half of my 10 inches in and out of her mouth, but the other girls insisted she take more.

“I can’t swallow it. It’s too big,” she responded back to them. “I’ve never been able to deep throat a cock.”

Jennifer continued sucking me in and out trying to get it deeper. I don’t think she was trying to hard or had any intention of deep throating me. Karen knew that too and decided to help her along. She came up from behind Jennifer, grabbed her head and started pushing her face into my groin. My cock hit the back of Jennifer’s throat as Karen kept pushing. I could feel the tightness as my cock hit the back of Jennifer’s mouth then it started to stretch her throat open. Jennifer tried pulling her head back to avoid my penetration into her throat, but Karen had a tight hold and maintained her force on the back of Jennifer’s head.

Karen insisted, “You’re going to swallow his cock, so you may as well get ready for it.” I could see the fright in Jennifer’s eyes as I looked down at her. The inevitable was about to begin and she knew it.

Karen resumed pushing until the head of my cock squeezed into Jennifer’s throat. I immediately knew she was choking. I could feel the spasms in her throat around my cock, but no sounds could come out. The head of my cock had her throat blocked. Karen pushed harder forcing my hot, hard meat down Jennifer’s tight passage and into the depths of her mouth. Jennifer’s throat was incredibly tight as my cock inched its way down. I could hear a soft gurgling sound coming from her as my ten inch throbbing meat stuffed and stretched her throat plunging its’ way down. I knew Jennifer was in agony having never experienced swallowing a hot hard cock before, but it felt great. She was so wet and warm as I traveled down, down deep in her throat.

Still Karen pushed, forcing more and more of my cock deeper and deeper. Finally, Jennifer had all 10 inches of me lodged in her, with my balls resting on her chin. I don’t know what kept me from cumming right then as I looked down into her frightened blue eyes seeing her beautiful face with mouth stretched and virgin throat violated with my throbbing piece of cock meat. Her throat muscles had a tight grip on me until finally she began to relax, allowing me to easily pull out to let her breathe. She gasped for air as soon as I was out. “Take it again,” Karen ordered. “Fuck his cock with your throat.” Jennifer barely had regained her breath, but she slowly swallowed my cock again, but on her own this time. She took my shaft in her mouth but Karen insisted on helping by pushing and forcing it down her throat again. I think she got used to it sliding in to her this time. She swallowed it much quicker and easier. Karen helped her begin a fucking motion with her mouth, making her suck my shaft in and out of her tight oral passage. Over and over my cock squeezed down Jennifer’s tight hot throat. I was almost ready to cum in her mouth when Karen had some other orders for Jennifer.

“Lick his balls,” Karen barked out. Jennifer immediately spit out my cock and started sucking my balls into her mouth. I think she would have done anything to stop my cock from penetrating her throat. I sat down on the sofa and Jennifer continued bathing my balls with her hot tongue. She would suck one into her mouth and gently let it slip out before moving on to the other. My balls were drenched in her saliva. Karen had moved behind Jennifer and was fingering her pussy. That started to turn Jennifer on. Her mouth and tongue began working more intensely on my balls. Then I watched her stuff my entire nut sack into her mouth. She could barely manage to move her tongue across my balls her mouth was so full. It was obvious this girl was getting hot and would now do about anything she was told. I couldn’t take any more, so when Jennifer released my balls from her mouth, I drove my cock back in her mouth grabbing her head and penetrating her throat in one motion. I pumped her a few short strokes, then gripped her head into my groin penetrating her throat fully as I started cumming. My hard cock spasmed for what seemed like minutes in the deepness of Jennifer’s tight wet throat depositing my hot sperm into her. I pulled my throbbing meat out in time to shoot a couple more wads of white sticky cream on Jennifer’s face. She was turned on alright. She went after my cum like it was candy. I smeared it around her face as she licked and ate what she could before scraping the rest off of her own face with her finger and eating it.

Karen then pulled Jennifer away and had me turn around and kneel on the floor. Karen pushed Jennifer’s face toward my ass. “Start licking his ass,” she ordered. I felt her tongue lick its way from my balls all the way up my asscrack. Then she lightly started licking my asshole. “You can do better than that,” Karen complained. “Get your face in there and suck his asshole.” With that I could feel Jennifer’s lovely face between my ass cheeks as her tongue fluttered up and down my crack. Her tongue was all over my ass licking my entire crack clean. She took her hands to spread my cheeks apart and placed her gorgeous lips on my anus and started sucking on my asshole. Never in my life have I ever had such a feeling. Those beautiful lips of hers were stuffed between my ass cheeks kissing and sucking my asshole. Occasionally she would dart her tongue out to lick around the rim of my hole and then poke at it as if trying to stick in me. She was literally eating my anal hole.

She backed off for awhile and started fingering my ass. She ran her finger around my anus and then probed inside. I could feel her finger push in probing deep inside twisting in my ass scraping the walls of my rectum. I watched over my shoulder as she smiled at me and continued to wiggle her finger inside me, then pull it out, look directly at me and place her finger in her mouth sucking off the taste of my ass from her finger. My cock was getting hard again watching that. And this was the prim and proper girl from earlier.

I could see Karen come up behind me carrying a long 12″ dildo. While Jennifer was still sucking her fingers, Karen surprised me when she began pushing the big dildo into my ass. At first it was tight, for never having something that size in my butt before. But as I relaxed it felt nice sliding in and out of my rectum. She pushed and twisted about half of it in and out of my ass before slowly pulling the dildo out. It glistened with moistness from inside my ass. Karen then inserted it into Jennifer’s awaiting mouth to lick it clean.

Karen turned to the other girls, “Isn’t she a terrific slut.” Jennifer’s actions met with approval from the rest of the sorority.

Confident that dildo was well cleaned, Karen shoved the entire 12″ up Jennifer’s wet cunt while she went back down on my ass again. Jennifer began fingering and sucking my asshole again like the cheapest whore you would ever find, while Karen continued fucking her cunt with the giant rubber prick. I felt Jennifer insert one finger then another into my ass. Then she started pulling to spread my asshole open. I relaxed to let her spread my asshole open wider. Then she began giving me an incredible rimming. She forced her face in my crack to stuff her tongue in my opened anus. I almost came when I felt her tongue licking around the inside of my asshole. I was delirious with pleasure.

“That’s it Jennifer, lick my asshole. Shove your tongue deep inside.”

“Oh! God, yes. Suck my ass.”

“Ohhhhhh!… Yessss!…”

“Ohhhhhhh!… Ohhhhhh!…”

“Lick my asshole.” Lick the inside of my ass, baby”

Jennifer kept tongue fucking my ass over and over scooping her tongue in and out. She licked and probed in my anal hole in a crazed frenzy like she were on the brink of an orgasm. All she wanted was to taste my ass. What a fucking slut she was. She was really enjoying eating the scum out of my ass. I didn’t want her to stop. I had a goddess eating out of my asshole and loving it.

Jennifer’s anal attack was driving me crazy besides keeping my cock hard. I couldn’t take any more. I had to fuck her, and now. I stood up and walked around behind Jennifer who was still kneeling. I pushed her head down to the floor and wiped my cock up and down her asscrack.

“Relax baby,” I said, “I’m going to get your ass ready for my cock.”

I reached between her legs sticking two fingers in her cunt and brought them out coated with her wet juices. I spread and worked it all around her asshole and gently stuck one finger into her puckered little anus. I could feel her tighten around my finger. I pushed further and further up her ass until my finger was all the way in. Then I forced a second finger in. Gradually I pushed and twisted my fingers to get them both inside her ass. Jennifer was beginning to enjoy me playing with her asshole. She started pushing back to get my fingers deeper into her butt. I kept twisting them in her ass while using a finger on my other hand to spread her anal hole open. She relaxed even more, thus allowing me to put three fingers in her. Her asshole was unbelievably hot. I was able to shove my fingers all the way inside her. Jennifer liked the finger fuck so much she wanted more.

She was begging me, “I want your cock in my ass. Fuck me in the ass, baby. Put your cock in my asshole.”

I’ve never had any girl beg me to fuck her in the ass. I certainly wasn’t going to pass up fucking the ass of this gorgeous cunt. She was like a bitch in heat and her ass was eating my fingers up. I squeezed my fourth finger together with the other three and managed get part of it in too. Jennifer let out a yell but I pushed harder shoving all four fingers into her rectum. I couldn’t believe I had most of my hand inside Jennifer’s asshole. Still she begged me, “Fuck my ass, baby. I want your cock in my ass.” I couldn’t believe how much I had stretched her anal ring. I was ripping her ass apart and she loved it.

I was so close I had to continue. I gently pulled my four fingers out a bit just so I could curl my thumb into my palm. Then I started pushing ever so slowly. Jennifer’s asshole was stretching and stretching wider and wider. Jennifer was at the point of making low out of control guttural sounds as my fist ripped into her ass..

“Fuuuccckkk my assssshole “

“Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg! Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

“Fisssst Me Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

My hand was at its’ widest point now as the base of my thumb passed through her anus. Her asshole had to be stretched three inches across, maybe more. I continued forcing my fist inside until it slowly began to disappear. The hardest part was over for Jennifer now, as her asshole wrapped around my wrist. I was all the way in. I actually shoved my entire fist up Jennifer’s asshole. I gently moved with an in and out motion fist fucking her. This was incredible. I’ve never done anything like this to a woman that made me so hot and horny. I kept fisting her ass and Jennifer continued with her out of control moaning. That was it. I just had to get my cock inside this hot ass. I was careful when I started pulling out so as not to tear her anus. I eased my fist out very, very slowly. Once my fist passed back through her anus, I just stared at her beautiful wide-open asshole as it started closing up. What an incredible sight looking into Jennifer’s overstretched gapping asshole. I could see inside her ass for while until it slowly closed up becoming tight and puckered again.

I only gave her a minute’s rest before sliding my hard cock up her crack to her back entrance and started pushing my hot prick into her asshole. Slowly I kept pushing my 10-inch cock up her loosened anal hole.

Jennifer still begged me for more. “Deeper, baby. Shove it all the way in. I want you all the way in my ass.”

Even though I fucked her asshole with my hand, this was still one of the tightest asses I’ve ever had. The friction on my cock as it forced through her bunghole was incredible. I knew I wouldn’t last very long. Inch by inch I shoved my cock into her ass. My cock had Jennifer’s asshole spread apart wide, as she accepted my anal penetration until my balls hit against her butt. What a hot ass. My cock felt like it was on fire buried in her rectum.

Jennifer was out of control moaning, “Fuck me, Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard Ram it up my ass, baby.”

As Jennifer started to relax I began pumping her hot tiny anal hole. Within minutes I was ramming her with all 10 inches. I pulled almost out and slammed my cock all the way in again over and over. Each time Jennifer would scream out, “Fuck my ass harder. Fuck my ass harder.” Over and over I rammed her hot asshole as everyone watched my cock appear and disappear from Jennifer’s ass. I was going to be sure Jennifer would never forget this buttfucking. Jennifer was screaming at me as my ten inches of hot meat continued to fuck in and out of her tiny shithole. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She cried out.

Her frenzy made me ready to explode. In my frenzy I yelled to all the girls.

“Want me to cum in her mouth? Yesss,” everyone yelled together. “Make her eat it.”

I pulled out of Jennifer’s ass just as her orgasm started. She was delirious with waves of pleasure as she began cumming too. Jennifer slowly knelt up and I shoved my cock in her mouth and all the way down her throat. My cock tightened ready to explode. I quickly pulled back out and instructed Jennifer to keep her mouth open. Just as I pulled from her throat the first spurt of cum shot into her mouth followed by four more heavy thick streams directly on her tongue. I was filling her mouth with my hot creamy sperm. “Eat it, baby,” I whispered. “Swallow my cum.” The rest of my sperm dribbled from my cock into her mouth as I wiped it across her lips. Jennifer’s tongue was coated with my hot sticky cum. All the girls coaxed her on. “Swallow it, swallow it.”

Jennifer closed her eyes, closed her mouth, then we watched her throat muscles as she gulped my hot slimy load down. Then she licked and sucked the remaining drops from the end of my cock and proceeded to suck me clean. She continued licking and eating every drop of sperm off my cock until finally I had no more to give.

Karen moved back up to Jennifer along with the rest of the girls and accepted her into their group of the sorority. Jennifer smiled happy to be one of them. And I was happy to have had such a great time with Jennifer.

This night was definitely the best experience I ever had. Every so often I see Jennifer on campus and we exchange glances and smiles. We never got together again, but I know we both enjoyed each other, at least for one night.

Seven In The Steam Room

Kelly loved going to the gym. The smell, the sounds — it always made her horny. She had big plans for the steam room behind the ladies locker room, and tonight was the night to put them in action.

She had been working on some of the regulars for weeks, wearing revealing leotards, bending over just the right way, catching eyes, letting her hand brush her breasts as she patted sweat from her neck. Once one of the guys seemed interested enough, she went in for the attack. Finding the right moment, when she was hot and glowing and he was grunting on a weightlifting machine, watching her out of the corner of his eye, she made her way over to him and leaned in to whisper in his ear. A time. A date. If he seemed put off, she laughed as if it were a joke. If his eyes glowed in recognition, she winked and walked away, knowing he would be there.

Her collection now included seven of these men, carefully chosen. Tonight she would reap her harvest.

She entered the gym and crossed through the lobby to the ladies locker room, found her locker and started changing her clothes. A different outfit tonight — no leotard or workout shorts this time, just a towel, and only for a moment. Lastly she pulled from her purse a small vial with clear liquid inside.

She locked everything up and headed straight for the steam room. The door had no lock but she knew that tonight was a slow night at the gym so she was unlikely to be disturbed. She hung her towel on a hook outside and entered the foggy air inside. The blue tiled floor and walls were indistinct through the thick air, and the heat was heavy in her throat. It was a large room with tiled bench areas all around the edge. On one end the bench was two levels high. From the door she couldn’t see the other side of the room through the thick mist.

Inhaling deeply, she looked around for the steam vent. She only had a few minutes to prepare. She found the vent, opened the vial and carefully poured all the contents inside. With a hiss the liquid began to bubble inside. Capping the empty vial and placing it on the bench beneath, she walked to the opposite end of the room, sat down on the bench and then leaned across the tile, stretching her naked body out lengthwise.

Soon the steam began to take on a mild scent of mint and eucalyptus. It tingled in her throat and cooled her skin, and the effects of the potent aphrodisiac began to spread through her body. She sighed and ran her hands along her flat stomach, wiping a glistening trail through the beaded steam on her skin. Further up, she caressed her tingling breasts, nipples standing stiffly erect, and her sigh became a quiet moan. Her legs crossed and rubbed together as her other hand reached to tangle itself in her pubic hair.

The click of the door alerted her that her admirers had begun to arrive. She turned her head to watch a well-built dark-haired man enter the steam room, also naked. His cock was large in anticipation of her whispered promise. He walked through the steam blindly for a moment, then caught sight of her rosy body splayed out along the bench, writhing slightly from her own touch.

The scent in the room was stronger now so it only took a moment for him to begin to feel the effects. He said nothing, but his penis bobbed proudly between his legs, throbbing and twitching as he neared her.

Another click and the first man turned to see who had entered. A blond-haired man now walked through the mist, slightly smaller in build than the first but sculpted like a statue. His reddened cock jutted from a curly mass of pubic hair almost as blond as the hair on his head.

The two men regarded each other for a moment warily, but the effects of the drugged steam in the room quickly removed any doubts they may have had, and they both turned their attentions to Kelly who was now ignoring them, blissfully engaged in self-stimulation on the bench.

One man leaned over her and replaced her hand with his mouth on her nipple. Her fingers twined in his hair and pressed him close as he laved her breast with his hot tongue, sucking and pulling at her nipple. The other man stroked himself with one hand as he settled himself on the bench between her legs, running his other hand along her inner thigh as she quivered beneath their combined touch. He reached the mound between her legs and gently ran his finger down her curled folds, causing drips of moisture to collect, mingled steam and juices. When he reached her base he carefully slipped one finger inside her moist opening and pressed upward, causing her to buck and gasp. The first man stopped his attentions on her breast when she moved, and he gathered both breasts in his hands and began to knead her tight flesh, pushing both breasts together, pressing her nipples down with impatient thumbs.

Still standing, he moved his hips forward and slid his penis between her breasts as he massaged them. A small groan escaped his lips as he gently thrust his cock between her moist, satiny breasts.

Another click of the door and two more men entered, again taking a moment to adjust to the surprise of the situation and then within a few breaths of the drugged air, clutch at themselves in a sudden need and join the orgy on the bench.

Four men now clustered around her body, one slowly fucking her breasts, one between her legs absently stroking his own length while he explored her interior with questing fingers, one set to work caressing her thighs with his hands, and one at her head, directing her eager mouth to his twitching cock.

Her head was held by two hands and she opened her lips to accept the thick penis, veined and slightly purple in the heat. He slowly thrust his full length into her hot mouth, past her tongue and into her throat as she accepted all his length, lips wrapped tightly around his base. He withdrew before she choked, then began slowly fucking her mouth as she sucked and pulled at him with her tongue.

Her body rocked with the motion of the other men as they paid their attentions to other parts of her body. The man between her legs pulled his fingers from her glistening pussy and stood, changing places with the man on her thighs.

The new man crouched between her legs and positioned his cock at her heated opening, leaned down and glided inside her, meeting no resistance but squeezed tightly by her inner muscles. He grunted and leaned forward, clenching his ass muscles rhythmically as he began to thrust impatiently, driven by animal lust as the scented air clouded his brain.

The other men continued to pleasure themselves on her body as he rode her, slapping thighs on thighs, muffled groans of pleasure mingling in the mist. The combined noises almost masked the sound of the door opening yet again, as a group of three new men entered the steam room.

Their momentary confusion at the mass of bodies before them slowed them only for a moment before they drew a few breaths of the heavy air and their blood quickened, cocks stiffened and they were overtaken by the need to join in. As they joined the group, the groaning, thrusting man bucking over her was arching his back and pumping in short, desperate jerks, his muscles quivering as he began to fill her with spurts of cum. Kelly clutched at his ass and ground her pelvis into him, mewing in pleasure at the cresting orgasm set off by his reckless movements.

The other six men gathered around her as he finished, then as one they lifted her body off the bench, the seventh man’s penis pulling out of her with a liquid pop as he crouched, catching his breath.

They lifted her down from the bench and placed her on the tiled floor, gathering around her in a circle, jutting red cocks bouncing between legs as they knelt. Kelly was still fully aroused after the recent attentions, and she looked hungrily at the six erect penises around her. She sat up, pulled the nearest man down onto the tile beside her, and flipped over to all fours over him. The other men gathered around, choosing positions. One man leaned in behind her on his knees, two men crouched in front of her, two more sat watching and stroking their eager members, and the seventh man slowly recovered on the bench as the combined effects of the stimulant in the air and the orgy in front of him re-energized his sated cock.

Kelly leaned back into the man behind her as he took his penis in his hand, thrust it between her thighs and lubricated it in the juices that leaked from her pussy. Then he pushed upward and eased the tip into her anus, rocking gently to moisten and loosen the tight hole. As he felt the flesh soften to accept him, he placed his hands on her hips and drove her onto him, penetrating her hole in a forceful movement that caused her gasp in pain and pleasure.

The man beneath her reached up and pulled the joined pair down lower, slipping his cock into her waiting pussy, feeling the other man’s embedded organ with his hand as he guided himself into her. As he entered her, the pressure from the other man bumped and massaged his tip, and he reached with his hips to join their slow gyrations.

The two men in front of Kelly knelt and offered their cocks to her hungry mouth, and as she was penetrated from behind she allowed the rocking motion to press her onto first one, then the other with open-mouthed sucking and licks. The two men pressed closer, alternately stroking themselves as her head bobbed over them.

The men behind her began panting in exertion as they rode her with quickening need. The one beneath her groaned deeply and emptied his load inside her as the man on her ass gripped her hips and growled with his mounting orgasm. As the penis inside her pussy throbbed with its final spurts, the man behind her thrust heavily into her and clenched, balls contracting, penis twitching and jerking as he came inside her anus.

Kelly moaned with deep pleasure as the men finished, then leaned forward to relieve herself of their organs. Free for the moment, she changed tactics and turned around onto her back again, beckoning to one of the two men who had been watching from the side.

He knelt over her and quickly drove his cock into her sopping, used hole, his built-up need bringing a tight groan to his lips as her pussy engulfed him and the mingled juices of the other three men saturated his flopping balls. He braced his hands on the floor and began to ride her roughly, pounding into her flesh with pent-up frustration and hot lust. She squeezed him from within, tightening her hold on him and he cried out and shuddered, almost reaching his peak. Then she reached between them and grabbed his cock, squeezing the base, stopping him cold, and flipped him off of her, beckoning to the other man waiting nearby.

He quickly filled the absence, pointing his penis at her dripping hole with one shaking hand, holding his body over her with the other. He rocked forward and was accepted into her depths, sinking straight to the hilt, crushing her hips with his muscular pelvis as he sought to overtake her and fill her completely.

The six other men gathered closely around her, some recovering their shrunken organs, others still aching with unrelieved need, all stroking themselves and her as the new man heaved and bucked over her, both groaning together in rhythm with his wild strokes.

Kelly arched her back and shrieked as she came with crashing intensity at the new man’s muscular embrace, bucking her hips against his as he rode her. The ripples inside her vaginal walls pushed him over the edge and he stiffened, buried deeply inside her folds, his cock pumping wave after wave of hot fluid into her depths.

The other men were impatient now and as they saw him finish, one quickly took his place, filling her with a fresh cock as the waves of her orgasm diminished. Driven frantic by anticipation and the heavy drugged air, he plunged wildly into her, grasping her shoulders with his muscled arms and driving his aching member into her oozing hole. Within minutes he was groaning and twitching, convulsing with the power of his orgasm and Kelly was riding the waves of ecstasy as the continued onslaught lifted her into a continuous chain of mounting need and crashing release. She whimpered and screamed at each fresh assault as the men each took their turn between her thighs, some for the second time or even third, juices running together and pooling on the floor beneath her ravaged body.

In the haze of drugs and pleasure, she lost track of each new mate as they alternately plunged, thrust and ejaculated inside her with a mingled chorus of moans and animal cries. Some could not wait their turn and jerked themselves off as they watched, splashing hot fluid onto the floor or her skin as they lost control. Within moments their bodies regenerated their sexual drive and she was the center of this frustrated mass of pulsating, grinding bodies, riding over her in jerking gasps, holding their dicks as they slammed into her and then desperately seeking the convulsing relief within as her pussy squeezed and gripped them each in turn, thirstily sucking their cum juices deep within her cavern.

One by one the men finally sated themselves and began to fall away as they finished with her, utterly spent and exhausted, sprawling on the tiled floor in the mist or leaning against benches, panting, their reddened and abused cocks limp and sticky against their legs. The final man gave a tortured groan as he pumped his hips heavily against her, bringing her cresting wave crashing down once again, her body giving a final tired spasm as she was filled with his spurting cum and then collapsing against the floor as he rolled off, eyes closed, breathing heavily.

Through the dimness of her consciousness she knew that the steam had cleared and the effects of the drug were wearing off — but she had gotten what she wanted, her seven strong lovers had given her everything they had and more.

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