Cheer Me Up

cheerleader pussyIt’s August already?? Where does the summer go?? Not that I mind because during the summer it seems that bikinis are the uniform of women and that leaves me out in the cold.

But in preparation of the coming back to college rush that will be here in about 2 weeks I found complete with pom-poms ready to Cheer me UP for the last weeks of summer.

I’m not sure exactly what turns me on about cheerleaders and there certainly is a lack of good pictures out on the net for uniform lovers since most of them involve 1 or 2 pictures of the uniform/costume then move right into the hard stuff like tits, ass, pussy etc.

But this particular gallery, the cheerleader is all clothed in her very vibrant green costume. Maybe what turns me on is somewhere in my memory cells I can remember Friday nights bonfire with all the cheerleaders cavorting around in their brief costumes, turning cartwheels so we could catch a glimpse of their tights and at some point one of them must have looked at me directly in the eyes and I was hooked.

Simpler time, Simpler place, and good memories.