Conference with benefits

Last weekend I was on a conference with some of my collegues from work. I was really dissapointed when I noticed that the pool area was closed for repairs, since I had been looking forward to an afternoon swim.

Later that same day one of my collegues came over and told me that she had noticed a small lake about 2 miles away and that she and the others were going to walk up there and take a swim. I decided to stay “home” and work on my tan instead. I was all alone so I took off my bikini top and after a while I dozed off.

I wake up when I feel someone blocking the sun and it turns out that two muscular and really hot maintenance guys are standing next to me, looking at my massive tits, while stroking the two large bulges in their pants. It is obvious that they are both very horny and my own nipples become hard and begin to tingle. I get up and walk back to my room and ask them to join me if they are up for it. 
In my room I tell them that I have always wondered if it true that black men have huge cocks, and they answer my question by pulling both their hard cocks out. I’m amazed by the size and reach out and grab the one with the biggest dick. While I’m giving him a hand job the other guy sticks his cock in my mouth.


I can hear that they are having a hard time holding back their cum, and I decide to take turns in riding them both. I slowly let my pussy slide down over one of the massive black cocks and as I feel him streching my pussy to it’s limits, I begin to ride him hard.
After a little while he explodes inside my pussy and pounds me hard with each squirt. It feels like I’m overflowing as he fills me completely with his hot cum. I just love that part!

I can now give my full attention to the other guy and with a firm grip around his cock I start to suck him like I’ve never sucked before. It dosn’t take long before I can sense that he is about to fill my mouth with his juices. As he begin to squirt I take it on my tits and in my mouth before sucking his cock clean.

As we get dressed I thank them for fulfilling my fantasies about black men and their legendary big cocks. They thank me for good time and escort me back outside to my deck chair, where I lay down and think about what just happened.
My collegues returns a few minutes later and one of them ask if I’d had a good time while they were gone. I smile and tell him I had a great time!