Courtney Cummz

What is it that is so hot about Courtney Cummz?  I mean seriously, she’s just your run of the mill gonzo girl right?  But if she really was just run of the mill, why can’t I get her out of my head.

There’s something about Courtney’s look in her early movies that puts a tent in my pants.  Maybe it’s her hometown looks, like I can almost picture her being from my highschool.  In a way I guess she’s like the porn version of Sandra Bullock.  Did I just make that horrible comparison, I apologize.

Well whatever it is, Courtney Cummz has carved out a little place for herself in my withered up heart.  So here’s a little sample of the cumslut that is Courtney Cummz, so you can see for yourself if she does it for you.

Courtney Cummz Exposed

Depraved Pornstars – Courtney Cummz