Cum Filled Fantasy Cums True

This is a true story of living out a fantasy while on vacation with my husband during the winter of 1995. We were on vacation in the San Diego area, a coast away from where we lived. Business had brought my husband here and he took me along for the trip. At that time, we had been married for over 10 years, and although we had a good sex life, we were always looking for ways to spice things up a bit.

We had been talking about my feeling less sexually attractive to men during the plane ride out. My husband disputed this, saying that despite being almost 40 years old, with my smooth skin and 5’4″well toned body, I was still a fox.

This made me feel somewhat better, but I still had that lingering doubts about what men really would think of me sexually. This discussion continued during the first several days of our trip in Southern California. My husband pointed out men who would turn to get an extra long look at me as we walked by and directed my attention to those that guys who would stare a little too long when I was out at pool side sunning in my string bikini.

The resort hotel that we were staying at was perched on the edge of a calm Pacific Ocean bay and complemented with wonderful grounds and facilities. Clusters of palm trees, tropical plantings and the warm California weather gave a certain sensual note to the resort.

On Friday night, the day before we were scheduled to fly back home, we had planned to go to the bar at the resort and listen to some live music that was advertised. We then planned to enjoy some drinks while listening to the music, have a romantic dinner together at one of the resorts restaurants and then retire to our room for some adult fun.

The bar was situated along the bay side area of the hotel. It featured an open air stage for the band, a large wooden bar with places to both sit and stand at the bar and groups of tables tucked into a myriad of tropical plantings all accented by dim, romantic lighting.

That afternoon, my husband surprised me by suggesting that we begin by sitting apart when we got to the bar just to see if anyone would “hit” on me. I thought it was more likely that they would hit on him than on me, but my interest was aroused by his suggestion.

We had shared a long time fantasy about me making love to another guy or guys with his knowledge and consent. This fantasy had remained strongly stimulating to us in bed, but one that we had never had either the opportunity nor the ability to carry any further.

It would probably help the reader if I provided some further insights about myself. There are several things in life are great turn-ons for me and the strongest of these has always included feeling a man cum inside of me. I love feeling cum any place as long as it is inside of me somewhere. For some reason, I just adore the feeling that a cock makes as it squirts it’s thick liquid into me. I absolutely relish all of the feelings, the smells, the tastes, indeed everything about it.

This feeling, or even just the fantasy about it, had always served as a very big sexual turn on for me. I guess by some definitions then I could be called a “cum slut”. I just never had the opportunity to experience two or more men sexually before and therefore enjoyed what cum the men in my life could individually give me when we had sex, feeling lucky to get what I could get.

My mind turned to the pleasant task of getting ready to go to the bar for our evening out. I had decided that I would dress in a short black skirt with a special pair of crotch-less pantyhose that I had been saving for a special occasion. This seemed like that occasion. For my top, I chose a halter-top without a bra to accentuate my 36B firm breasts. My medium blond hair was brushed back at the shoulders and with my makeup on, I thought that I really did look more like 20 something than 40 something.

I discreetly placed my wedding and engagement rings in the room safe as well, without my husband being aware of this action. I just figured it would make for fewer questions if something were to possibly happen. I really felt that this was just an exercise in advanced fantasy play more than anything else, but at least my rings would not raise any issues if something should potentially happen.

We entered the bar about 9 pm, with my husband taking a seat at a table near the entrance and me finding the one single seat still available at the bar. From this point, we could still see each other fairly well. The band was just beginning, playing very danceable oldies type music. I ordered a margarita and enjoyed both the drink and the music for a while.

A group of young men were seated next to me and we eventually struck up a conversation. I was attracted to one guy who had long dark brown hair, blue eyes and an expressive face to go with it. He was about 5′ 11″ or so, slim build with just the right amount of muscular definition to his chest and arms. His looks could be described as “cute” in a grownup, handsome manner.

I waited until he looked in my direction to make eye contact and say “Hi”. As we began talking, I found out that we had several things in common, including both being originally from Ohio.

They were all from LA and were part of a band that was in between tour dates and were staying at the resort. They were all at the bar thinking that they would catch some of a competitors show and wind down after a month of nightly gigs. After another round of drinks, he asked if I danced. I told him that I did, not bothering to tell him that my husband never did, so that this would be a wonderful treat for me too.

Up on the dance floor, I found him to be a good dancer, and I followed his lead though several songs until the band played a slower tune. It was at that point that he let his left hand wander down to the small of my back and began gently pushing my body closer to his and alternately softly rubbing the top of by buttocks. We kissed, tentatively at first, progressing quickly to full open mouth tongue kissing. The rhythm of the music combined with the effects of the alcohol in the drinks. His touch was intoxicating and I floated away to all of the myriad sensations I was experiencing.

By the end of the song, his hand was firmly massaging my ass and my body was pressed close enough to his that I could feel that he was indeed already quite hard as well as nicely endowed. I was sure that I must be dripping wet too as we walked off the dance floor after all of this excitement.

It was then that he spoke those magic words, “Do you want to go somewhere else? “I really didn’t know what to say because I really hadn’t thought that things were ever going to get anywhere near this point tonight or ever. I mean I was a happily married woman, who, unless I missed my guess, my husband had just gotten an eyeful of all of this as well.

I scanned the crowd, pretending to think about his offer and found my husband’s eyes. He was smiling and subtlety nodded his head “yes”. I took that for his acceptance of what ever I might want to do.

I turned to my new friend and said, “Yes, I have a car parked in the parking lot, lets go there”. He smiled and let me lead him to our rental car. We had rented a Mustang Convertible for the trip to enjoy all that Southern California had to offer. Now I guess it would have more to offer than we had ever imagined!

I let him into the passengers seat, and got into the driver’s seat. I had left the top down and so we were bathed in both the wonderful moonlight and warm sea breezes. He produced a joint from his pocket and asked if I would like to join him in a smoke. I said sure, not having smoked much since I had been married, but in for a penny in for a pound as they say. We passed the joint back and forth and it was quickly apparent to me that this was strong pot.

My head was very definitely spinning and any sense of reality that I ever had was quickly leaving. His hands found my breasts under my top as I struggled with his zipper. I leaned over the center rest area and took out his cock. He was still semi hard and had precum on the tip of his cock. I licked that off and began sucking on his ever-hardening member. He was obliging and was rock hard before too long. As I sucked him deep into my mouth, I looked up and saw him leaning back in the car’s passenger seat, eyes shut, face lighted by the glow of the moon, mouth slightly open. It seemed that I hadn’t lost my touch after all of these years of marriage. He placed a hand on my head and helped guide me to the rhythm that he wanted.

Before too long I was rewarded by the feeling of his balls beginning that “about to cum” spasm, his cock beginning that “humming” vibration, his mouth making grunting sounds and then finally, his cock erupting into my mouth with a load of cum that tasted delicious. I swallowed it all and looked up to see his satisfied face. He told me that I was great and asked me to come back with him to his room. I was so high at that point that I would have accepted any invitation by anyone to anywhere.

We left the car and somehow he guided me back to his room on the hotel’s expansive property. All of the rooms at this resort were “suite” style with a main living room, a kitchen area and the bedroom towards the back. All were on a single level and each had it’s own balcony and porch areas. As soon as we arrived in the bedroom, my clothes just seemed to fall away. I worked on his clothes and managed to get his pants and underwear off.

While I busied myself in sucking his cock hard again, he reached into the nightstand drawer and took something out. I really didn’t know nor care what he was doing. At that point the whole world focused around his cock and I was so horny that all I wanted was to get it hard again so that I could be fucked senseless by it.

The thought crossed my mind that I hoped it was a condom, but I was so far beyond rational caring about safe sex at that point that it really didn’t factor.

I began rubbing my clit with my free hand and was not at all surprised with myself that I was indeed dripping wet! As I sucked his cock back to its full beauty and rubbed my clit into a furious coming storm, my new friend pulled my head up off of his cock for a moment and placed a small amount of a white powder on the head of his cock.

A passing thought ran through my mind that he was flavoring it with something. “How nice” I thought, but unnecessary. I went back to sucking. The powder really had no taste that I could discern.

He did this several more times though, stopping my bobbing head to place more powder on his cock. I was already pretty stoned and in addition to the drinks that I had had earlier was in my own little universe. I had never done cocaine before, which was quite obvious from my not knowing what I was so eagerly sucking off of his cock.

I soon began to feel absolutely marvelous without a care in the world and happier than I had ever known was possible. I attributed that to living out my biggest fantasy and being stoned. In retrospect all of that was true, in addition to the several lines of coke that I had just sucked off of his cock.

Anyway, I didn’t mind. I was quite happy being on all fours, sucking away on his gorgeous cock, feeling the entire myriad of textures about it and tasting all of the wonderful flavors from it. I really wanted to have it in me so that I could feel that as well.

It wasn’t long before I felt myself being penetrated by a large stiff hot cock. It felt so good that I moved my hips backwards to take it all into me. It felt exquisitely wonderful.

It was about that point that I realized that I still had a cock in my mouth. I was able to sneak a quick peek back over my shoulder while not missing too much of an opportunity to suck the cock cramming my mouth, to see that there were other people in the room with us now and one of them had his cock very definitely buried in my hot, wet cunt.

It vaguely occurred to me that these must be some of the other band members that my new friend (I never really bothered to get his name) had been with at the bar. How they got in the room with us, I don’t know. Nonetheless, they were all in the bedroom and were all undressed and getting into the theme of the moment if you know what I mean.

From here on, things became somewhat of a blur to me. I spent plenty of time on my hands and knees taking cock after cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time. I felt cocks cum in my mouth as well as in my pussy.

Sometimes I felt two cocks shooting into me at the same time. I remember sitting down on a particularly large cock and being pushed forward onto him by another guy who then slid his cock into me next to the first guy, double stuffing my pussy. It was tight and wonderful at the same time.

I can’t remember just how many orgasms I had that night. I don’t know if I stopped counting or if they all just blended into one giant one. It really didn’t matter at all to me. The sensuality of having all of the erotic parts of ones body stimulated at the same time and in ways different from anything I had ever experience before, and not thinking nor caring about any of the moral/ethical/social etc issues associated with this behavior was unworldly.

I happily received several loads of cum in my pussy that would then would run down my legs and help to lubricate me more for yet another guy to then plow into me with his cock. The feeling of all of that warm cum gushing into me over and over from cock after cock was unspeakably delicious!

I recall at one point a guy commenting that my pussy was getting too wet from all of the cum that I had had poured into me, and pushed into my ass with his larger than average sized cock. I had not had that many men’s cocks in my ass and so I was not really used to things like that. This felt heavenly though. He began by using some of the cum that was still running out of my pussy to begin lubricating my ass. Some of the guys had already had their fingers in my ass while they were fucking my pussy too, so it was already lubed up a bit.

He gently put one and then two fingers in my ass, moving them slowly back and forth as I got used to each new finger. By the time he got to the third finger, I was moaning and moving my ass back towards his advancing fingers. The stimulation just felt awesome!

I was surprised when the thought flew through my foggy brain that I really wanted to feel his cock in my ass and so I asked him to fuck my ass. He obliged and gently pressed the head of his cock into me.

He patiently waited for me to accommodate to his size and then began to slide the rest of his length into me. I looked around to see his face as he finally got all of his cock inside of my ass. He was looking upwards with a wonderful smile on his lips. He began to stroke back and forth, beginning slowly but then speeding up and picking up rhythm as he went.

I felt that he couldn’t keep up this pace for too long and was right as I was soon rewarded with the feeling of his cock pumping yet more cum into me, this time up my ass. He finished his orgasm and pulled his cock out of me with a small popping sound, followed by what felt like gallons of his cum running out of my ass.

The group of guys didn’t leave my now opened ass unoccupied for too long and soon another young man was using my ass for his personal cum depository.

Several of the guys took advantage of the situation by fucking both my ass and pussy at the same time. I really can’t describe how absolutely amazing the sensation is of having both holes stuffed with cock simultaneously. The only thing that was even more of a turn on for me was when two guys came inside my ass and pussy at the same time!

After several hours of taking as many loads of cum as 5 or 6 young guys could produce, I made up some story about an early morning flight and excused myself. I stumbled back to the room that I was sharing with my husband. I hoped that he would be waiting up for me so that I could tell him about the events of my evening.

It was after 3 AM and I was wrapped in a towel that I had taken from the guy’s room, my clothes being nowhere to be found. Fortunately, there weren’t many people up and about at that hour, and those that I passed on the walk back to my room hopefully just thought that I had come from a dip in the hotel’s hot tub and not from a gang bang. Although I don’t know how they would have reconciled the unmistakable musky sexual smell that prevailed around me as I passed by.

When I got to our room, I dropped the towel, turned on some lights and a cursory inspection revealed cum just about everywhere on me. There were patches of cum in my hair, dried cum streaked down my breasts and legs and of course, still plenty of fresh cum seeping out of both my ass and pussy.

My husband was indeed waiting for me with a smile on his face. “So, tell me about your evening won’t you dear?” he said. I proceeded to describe my evening’s adventures as best as I could, stroking his cock with my hands during the process. Needless to say I got a load of cum from him to add to my evenings totals. I will always have very fond memories of that special night and have no regrets concerning anything that happened.

Oh, and by the way for those of you that were wondering or concerned, I have tested repeatedly negative for any and all types of sexually transmitted diseases that I could have potentially acquired that night. I guess one could say that I got very lucky in more ways than one!!

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