Emily Doll

emily dollOne of the best things about keeping a blog like this is that I get to spend some of my time each day cruising around looking for hot and fresh models to show off… and doubly so when I find a girl like Emily Doll.

Emily Doll is a cute and sweet 18 year old from the south east coast, a real beach girl that loves to wear tiny bikinis and turn on the boys. I can just imagine her on the beach in a place like Daytona, with a teeny tiny little thong on giving all the boys major league hard-ons. She has that nice and round almost baby fat look that is really nice and pleasing to the eye, and her tits are just wonderful! They are about as big as I could ever want, and her nipples and wonderful and pointy when they are hard, I just want to flap a lip over them and watch her shiver.

Her site is packed with pics and videos of Emily posing alone, out in public, and with some of her sexy girlfriends for some hot adventures. She is still learning about her sexuality, and I find her fresh innocence about how much she might turn you on refreshing. This is no teen slut here, just a sweet girl that is still amazed by seeing the boners come up when she wears a short skirt.

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