Erica Lightspeed Masturbation

erica lightspeed masturbationErica Lightspeed is a teen cutie with a real problem… she gets horny way too often…

So sometimes when she is alone and none of her girlfriends or sorority sisters are around, she pulls out one of her trusty toys and figures out a way to make herself so very happy!

In this case, she has a nice hard flesh colored vibrator with some nice bumps on it, and Erica Lightspeed isn’t shy about using it to good effect. She slides it into her tight shaved pussy, pushing her puffy outer lips aside and making sure that it penetrates her pink hole so completely. She shifts around too and dreams of getting fucked from behind as she rams the toy in and out of her tight pussy… you can tell from the pics that this girl is getting off big riding this wonderful bizzing toy! Don’t let that sweet smile trick you, Erica is a naughty girl, and she loves to cum!

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