Executive Secretary

“Jennifer, would you please come in here and bring your pad!?!” “Right away Mrs. Burke,” Jenny Olson answered into the intercom sitting on the corner of her desk, while scooping up her dictation pad and several extra pencils, “I’m on my way!!!” Jenny could tell right away that Mrs. Burke wasn’t interested in dictation at all as her skirt was pulled up around her waist and her legs were spread wide apart revealing her pantiless crotch glistening with moisture along the length of her puffy slit!!! Without being told, Jenny snapped the latch on the door, and after checking to make sure that it was securly locked, she dropped her pad and pencils on Emma Burke’s desk before dropping to her knees and tonguing her boss to a stunning orgasm!!!

“God what would I do without you, Jenny,” Emma Burke sighed while her young secretary cleaned up her pussy with her very talented tongue!?! “Oh, you’d just find another girl who loved sucking pussy and traveling around the world with a beautiful woman,” Jennifer giggle while standing up and smoothing her skirt, “would madame care for anything else!?!” “Actually I would,” Emma replied softly, “would you mind if I had a little brunch of my own!?!” “My, my,” Jenny whispered softly, “we’re a little bit tense this morning aren’t we!?!” “Don’t tease me,” Emma laughed softly, “come on now, up on the desk, and show me what you’ve got!!!” Jenny slid her hands under her skirt and expertly shucked her tiny pair of bikini panties, and then like a hundred times before, she hopped up on Emma Burke’s desk and shyly spread her legs for the pussy hungry old bitch!!! “My god,” Emma gasped when her eyes locked on Jenny’s bugling vagina, “w-what have you done to it!?!”

“I hope you like it,” Jennys replied huskily, “I just shaved it this morning, it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom!!! “God you know just how to drive me crazy, don’t you,” Emma moaned while taking a lungful of pussy juice saturated air, “I can’t believe how fat and plump it is, oh jesus, I can see your clit sticking out between you lips!!!” “I have a good idea,” Jenny purred softly, “why don’t you just suck it instead of talking about it!?!” “Has anyone ever told you that you’ve got a smart mouth,” Emma asked, while moving her mouth closer to the bulging organ!?! “Yeah they have,” Jenny shot back. “but they also tell me that I suck a mean pussy!!!” Emma chuckled at Jenny’s light hearted insolence, and after taking one last look at her fat lips, she pressed her mouth into flushed organ and rapidly tongued the young woman to a devasting climax that had her bouncing her cute little ass up and down off the large oak desk!!!

The rest of the day was spent doing the mundane work required of and executive secretary, typing, filing, answering the phone, etc, that is until four in the afternoon when Emma Burke poked her head out of her office and announced, “We’re going to my club, get ready, we’ll be leaving in five minutes!!!” Of all the perks that came with working for an executive vice president, this is one that Jennifer enjoyed the most, because the Women’s Mutual Club was the most exclusive and best appointed club in the city, and being only a secreatry, it would have been impossible for her to even have entered the front lobby let alone the facility itself!!! “Good afternoon, Mrs. Burke,” the young woman behind the front desk offered, “will you be dining with us this evening!?!” “No, we’re just here for a steam and a shower,” Emma replied “maybe next time thought, come on Jennifer, let’s go inside!!!”

After making their way back to the locker room the two women, stopped at a small office where at least five naked young women and five naked you men were sitting on benches, waiting to be selected by the members as their personal vallets during their stay at the club!!! “What’s you pleasure, Jenny,” Emma Burke asked while surverying the crop of nineteen to twenty one year old nubiles!?! “After a moments hesitation Jennifer replied softly, “I think I’ll take him, he looks like he’s already ready to go!!!” “You always do go for the hung ones don’t you,” Emma laughed while eyeing the young man’s huge erection!?! “And why not,” Jenny replied giggling, “if it’s there why not use it, right!?!” “I guess,” Emma shot back while selecting a cute little blonde with huge breasts that almost made her look cartoonish except for the fact that she would have given a statue a hardon, “okay, kiddie’s, let’s go!!!”

The four of them padded over to the benches in front of the lockers where the two attendents quickly went about the task of disrobing the two women!!! As was expected of them, the two nineteen year olds took every opportunity to touch and feel the two women, and of course spending an inordinant amount of time on their breasts and vaginas until the two of them were coming perilously close to having an orgasm!!! Finally as Emma’s vagina was starting to bubble over, she gasped softly while pushing away the insistant hands of the little blonde while offering, “L-let’s get into the sauna, we’ll be more comfortable in there!!!” Jenny grabbed the erection of her attendent and led him into the steam filled room, while just behind her Emma followed with her arm around the blonde’s waist while cupping her huge breasts!!! “Oh my it’s hot in here,” Jenny said while seating her young man on the wooden bench and mounting his big erection while facing him, “now you be a good boy and suck Jenny’s nipples while she fucks you!!!” “Oh god, I love big cocks,” Jenny moaned while rocking back and forth on the young man’s prick, “and this one is fucking huge!!!” Emma and the blonde quickly got into her preferred position of sixty nine, where upon the two women began gently tonguing each others dripping vaginas unitl in only a matter of minutes they were thrusting their crotches forward as crushing orgasms twisted their pussies as every ounce of energy was drained from their now limp bodies!!!

Jenny was now bouncing up and down on the thick pecker like it was a pogo stick shoved up her cunt, and while the young man slurped and sucked at her hard nipples, both of their bodies stiffened while his pecker wrenched before sending a gusher of hot jism into her steaming pussy which immediately began convulsing wildly as it collapsed around the incredibly thick cudgel while trying desperately to grip the murderously thick monster!!! Jenny’s whole body sagged into the chest of her young attendent while his pecker slowly slid from her now totally stretched out organ!!! As her breath finally returned in spurts and starts, Jenny gasped between pants, “That was fucking unreal, this has got to be the best club in the whole world!!!” Emma let the blonde’s hard nipple slip from her mouth and replied softly while making her way over to Jenny and taking her in her arms, “Well, the club’s nice, but it’s really the company you keep!!!”

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