Expose it!

Hanna could feel her lips bulging even as she wiped the sleep from her tired eyes. It could be a curse at times, but Hanna had more orgasms than just about anyone she knew!!! Although she was just and average looking woman of thirty seven, Hanna had an overly developed set of lips on her vagina that always seemed to bulge obscenely to whomever happened to fortunate enough to see them! When she got the urge, Hanna had an overwhelming desire to show her pussy to just about anyone, and over the years had developed the ability to have and orgasm by the mere exposure of her cunt to the hungry eyes of an attentive voyeur! Just knowing that someone could see her most intimate parts would make her pussy engorge itself with blood and then have and involuntary climax!!! Even though she felt the need for sexual gratification, it was getting late and Hanna had to get to work.

Settling into the large leather chair in her private office, Hanna pushed a button on her intercom and asked Brenda to come into her office and bring Steven Haig along with her. Stopping at Steve’s desk Brenda said, “The big boss wants us in her office pronto, I bet you can guess what she wants,” she smirked slyly! Steve hopped to his feet and announced grandly, “Well let’s not keep her majesty waiting, after you madam,” he said while bowing stiffly at the waist! Brenda gave a sharp knock on the big wooden door and entered with Steven when Hanna called out. What they first saw when they got inside was Hanna sitting on the front edge of her desk with her legs spread wide apart and her panties off! Her pussy lips, shaved silky smooth, were full and in an obvious state of sexual excitement! Moisture glistened along the length of her crack, and the head of her erect clit could be seen poking it’s head through the folds of her cunt lips. Both Brenda and Steven knew the drill, and sat down in the two chairs immediately in front of Hanna, and while no one said a word, both of the two employees sat transfixed at the sight of the over sexed vagina not more than two feet away from them! By now Hanna had a flushed look on her face, and her breathing was becoming quite labored as her climax approached! In a halting voice Hanna stammered, “Do you like my pussy, it’s so fucking hot I can’t stand it!?!” Both Brenda and Steven nodded and replied that yes, they loved her pussy very much! Hanna, now rushing to her orgasm croaked, “Please, show me your genitals, I must see them right now!!!” Brenda had already slipped off her panties, so it was just a matter of pulling up her skirt and slightly spreading her legs to give her boss a good look at her twat, while Steven on the other hand stood up and let his trousers fall to his ankles, and then in one quick motion shoved his boxer shorts down his hairy thighs, exposing his big erection to both women! Hanna moaned loud and long at the sight of the hard cock and dripping cunt before her, and true to her usual procedure, she said, “Okay Steven, bend her over and take her from behind, really fuck her hard!!!” Brenda’s legs were the consistency of wet noodles, and it was all she could do to keep from falling over as she was by now as turned on as Hanna, and from past experience, she knew that when Steve plunged into her, she would have a stunning orgasm! Hanna loved watching the two young people having sex, especially seeing Brenda being overcome with orgasm after orgasm while being impaled by Steven’s huge erection! Almost the second his cock disappeared into Brenda’s dark love canal, Hanna’s vagina contracted and sent her spiraling off to a thundering climax! Brenda’s orgasm came as the result of a massive assault on her tight little pussy, while Hanna’s came from simply watching and being watched.

Hanna’s pussy was still twitching from her orgasm when Steven let his cock slip from Brenda’s drooling cunt. Steven knew the drill by heart, and took up his position between Hanna’s thighs. “Okay, baby,” Hanna said soothingly, “give mama a good sucking!” Steven’s mouth attached itself to Hanna’s oversized pussy and licked up and down the length of her steaming crack. He always was amazed at the amount of liquid her pussy secreted, and soon his entire face below the eyes was drenched in cunt juice! “That’s the way,” Hanna cooed, “make mama’s pussy feel nice, make it cum for her, she needs it so badly!!!” Steve bored in harder, flicking his tongue on and around the erect little clit that stuck out through the abundance of cunt flesh. All the time Steven was orally servicing the boss, Brenda was putting on a masturbatory exhibition for Hanna. She loved seeing others playing with their private parts, and Brenda was especially enjoyable to watch in that she always came so very hard, and in a lot of ways Brenda was like herself, that being in great need of sexual satisfaction! Once when they were having coffee together, both women confided that they needed at least two orgasms a day just to keep the edge off!!! On many occasions Hanna had asked Brenda into her office for a little voyeuristic hand play, and both of them loved seeing the others plump pussy in the throes of a crashing climax!

While Steven was feeding on Hanna’s muff, she all at once had the urge to see Steven’s eight inches in Brenda’s mouth! In a soft almost in audible voice she said, “Take him in your mouth dear, let me see you suck him off!” Brenda slid down to the floor and positioned herself in a way that Hanna could see the big cock sticking into her mouth. Brenda was a born cocksucker, and she absolutely adored orally servicing Steven’s thick pecker! Hanna groaned as Steven worked her clit into a frenzy, and the mere sight of his big erection in the pretty secretary’s mouth was enough to push her over another orgasmic cliff! Steven’s nut sack tightened and he unleashed another torrent of cum, but this time into the waiting mouth of his cocksucker colleague! Brenda swallowed quickly, trying to keep up with the spurting cum faucet, but with the huge amount of cum filling her mouth, some of it dribbled down her chin and onto the floor! Brenda’s own finger was flying over her well lubricated clit, and the sudden eruption of cum in her mouth caused her pussy to quiver in a huge clitoral climax!!!

When they were all finished, Hanna had each of them stand in front of her so that she could give them a full kiss on the lips, as well as a long suck on each of their genitals! Finally her cunt was calmed down and she was able to face the day’s schedule, but it would only be a matter of time, however, until she picked up the phone and summoned her two favorite employees for another session!