fields of gold

After class I walked a different way home today.  Across the street from the school is a large field where the grow sunflowers!  Right now the sunflowers are in full bloom and very beautiful.

I found a small path that travels deep into the sunflowers and went to explore it.  Walking into the field I was filled with a sense of happiness and freedom.  The bright yellow flowers brought a big smile to my face :)

I started to fantasize about getting naked in the field!  I looked around didn’t see or hear anyone, so I took off my top shirt and continued to walk.  I was just wearing my thin bra (it looks like a bikini top) and ventured farther into the field.

Well just as I got the courage to take off my shorts, out of nowhere the farmer popped out from between the flowers!  He looked at me with surprise and I apologized for walking though his field uninvited, but his flowers were so beautiful I had to take a look.  This made him happy and he gave me one to take home with me!

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