fingers in small places…

Hehe… I know what you’re thinking! I was goofing around and playing with a small flower vase at home. I had gotten flowers from my mom for a special occasion (my 18th birthday) and had kept the vase as a nice memory. The vase was small and made of glass. The glass is clear so you can see inside!

Well the opening at the top is very small, and I was playing with it putting my finger in the top. I put my pinky finger in first, and it went in easily. Hmmm… let me try another. So I put in my next finger. It was a little tight and there was a funny noise when my finger came out. heh, let me try one more!

So I put in my finger I use to point with and it got stuck!!! What do I do! I’m sure I had a paniced look on my face as I tried to pull my finger out. Then the idea came to me to try some soap. So I went to the bathroom and put some of my silky soap on my slim finger. It took a little while, but my finger came out. I was so relieved! I’ll never do that again. Come see me put my finger in some better places! ;)

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