Flowers in the Desert

I’m physically exhausted. Plane flights, high speed desert run from Phoenix to Vegas, late nights, drinking, photoshoots, a late night dinner, stranded in San Fransico, romantic rides on the cable cars there. Perhaps I’ll post pictures later but right now I have much more serious things to discuss.

You can’t always get what you want; You can’t grow flowers in the desert. Hell, I can’t even grow flowers outside my front door in Sacramento but that’s another story.

Friends in need are friends indeed and nothing disappoints me more than friends in need who refuse help. I’m not talking about one person, but a selected handful of good friends who are having a tough go things for the moment. One of them failed to call me when he needed me the most, another annoys me daily but refuses to let me in; Yet another one has had the same problem for two years and although she can solve all of her problems by saying yes to my multiple marriage proposals she continues to refuse my help.

So I’m going to offer my wisdom and sage advice now….. Your not the first one who has been where you are at and you won’t be the last. Others have been here before you; Bankruptcy, divorce, drugs, girl problems, DUIs – whatever. There are good times and bad times; You have to ride the bad times out. Accept the reality of the “right now”, push hard for forward movement, and then come up screaming….

And keep in mind the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.