Flying Bra Causes Highway Crash

It look likes bra’s can cause some serious damage :)  

KENTUCKY — Emily Davis was just having a little fun when she decided it would be a good idea to remove her bra and slip it around her friend’s car antenna. Her friend Tabitha Adams, clearly showing better judgment, disagreed — but since she was driving the car, she couldn’t do much about it.

The car with the two 17-year-old girls wasn’t driving down just any roadway, though. They were hauling ass down the popular Interstate 75 when Davis’ bra disengaged itself from the antenna and took wing into the air.

Unfortunately for Davis, who faces littering charged due to all the chaos and confusion — not to mention pain and suffering — caused by her underwire misadventure, the bra did not come to rest along the shoulder of the freeway.

Instead, the Bowling Green, KY teen’s brassier headed for the windshield of James Campbell’s vehicle. The 37-year-old Campbell, swerving to avoid the lingerie item, sustained a broken vertebra in his neck when his vehicle flipped several times. His passenger, 40-year-old Jeff Long, received several broken ribs.

According to the girls, the two men were gesturing at them in an attempt to get them to flash their breasts. Unsurprisingly, the men insist otherwise.

The girl’s friend, Tabitha Adams, 17, of Bowling Green, KY said she told Davis not to hang her bra outside because she knew it would fly away, according to the report.

Atkins said no other charges were expected.


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