From the Split Lickers Mail Bag

From time to time we like to post comments and fan mail that arrives in our blog box. So this week we’ll be doing our own “post secrets” and posting from the mail bag:

–received on August 15th from Virgo Hippy:

Dear Future Lesbian Girlfriend,

I don’t mind that you like You have a special connection with her and I understand the importance of affection in friendships. I know that there’s no better way for two girls to say, “hey… I like spending my time with you” then with a few soft kisses and some tender fondling every so often.

I’m aware that there’s no harm in best girl friends sharing their nude bodies together on an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon. I don’t want to do anything that might weaken the bond between girlfriends – I realize that shared pleasure can only strengthen that intimate connection.

In fact, I encourage you to tickle each other’s beautiful naked bodies. I want you to kiss each other deeply and passionately. Feel welcome to tease your tongue and lips over each other’s petite breasts and cute nipples. And if you tease and finger wet pussies… I’ll enjoy that too.

All I ask is that you let me watch. If you’re not sure how, just check out I found of two very pretty babes gingerly exploring each other’s nude bodies. I know you’re a split licker yourself too, so I know you’ll enjoy it. =)


Your Loving Boyfriend

PS – Did you see those girls having fun?