Happy Country Celebration Time

For the americans, July 4th is the day.  For us Canucks, July 1st does it.  France gets Bastille Day on the 14th.  Everyone is celebrating!

I’m celebrating too be adding two more blogs to my never ending stream of blogdom.

Horny Asian Pussy is a nice asian oriented blog.  The girls vary all over the road from pure japanese street girls to Asian American pornstars and thai bargirls.  If the girl is asian and likes to get naked (and preferably fuck) I will have her in here!

Hard-X Hardcore Blog is all about fucking.  Nothing but.  Every day you will find nice fresh fucking.  Direct and to the point, you like it hard, we got it hard.

Cumshot Archive is pretty new too.  This one is like the name says – all cumshots.  Facial cumshots, bukkake, anal cumshots, swallowers, cream pies… if there is goo involved, we got you covered… but you won’t be covered in goo (unless you want to be…)

Anyway, it’s a bunch of new stuff, you can add some bookmarks because these will all update just about every day (or every day if I am a good boy!).