House Party

Josie and I had been invited to a house party at the home of one of Josie’s girl friends. It didn’t sound like we would know that many people there but we both felt like partying and decided we may as well go. Both my wife and I had downed a couple drinks so we had to catch a cab there. When we arrived at the party Josie and I split up, she went to find her friend and I went to make us a couple drinks and put our stuff away.

When I found her next Josie was with her friend who was introducing her to a couple guys, Mark and Chris. Mark was a scrawnier guy with short, spiky hair, cargo shorts and a polo while Chris was slightly taller than I am with short brown shaggy hair and wearing blue jeans with a white beater. She shook their hands and Chris made a comment about how beautiful she looked. Josie blushed slightly, thanking him for the compliment. When I joined the group Josie introduced me to Mark, Chris and her friend; as I had not met her yet either.

Chris looked at me, saying “I hope you don’t mind my saying but you have one hell of a wife there, John, you are a lucky man” We all chuckled and I smiled, thanking him, telling him no offence was taken.

After more small talk, and some subtle flirting between Josie and Chris, we all hit the dance floor for a while. Josie danced with me for a bit, moving seductively to the music, she then moved to her right and began dancing with Mark, sort of joking around flailing her arms to the music. After a moment she moved on to Chris, dancing much closer than she had been with Mark. The crowd of dancers was thick but I saw as he put his arm out and caressed the small of her back, pulling her slightly closer. Josie put her hand on his chest; feeling, caressing back and forth. She turned around and backed against him, pushing her body tight against his and then suddenly leaving him to dance back toward me.

She came up and put her arms around my neck, kissing me passionately. We continued kissing, our hands roaming wildly. Josie looked into my eyes and whispered “I’m so fucking horny, John, I need you…” I pulled her close, kissing her and telling her that I wanted her badly but that I had to run to the washroom first, promising that I would take her away somewhere afterwards. Josie pouted at me, reluctantly letting me go.

It took me a few minutes to find the washroom and even longer in the line up to get in. It had been over 10 minutes by the time I got back to the dance floor and Josie was nowhere to be seen. It took a minute but eventually I saw Josie’s friend and asked if she had seen her but was told that she had not seen anyone for a while. I headed out to look around the party to find my wife.

I covered the whole first floor, running into Mark in the kitchen. He told me he saw Josie and Chris grabbing a drink in the kitchen about ten minutes earlier but had not seen them leave. I continued my search, spotting the staircase that goes downstairs. I wasn’t familiar with the house so I slowly worked my way down in the darkness. I could see a couple cracks of light coming from some of the doors in the hallway.

I walked slowly down the hall so I didn’t trip in the dark when I heard a husky male voice say

“Are you sure about this? What if your husband finds out?”

I peeked around the corner of the door way and saw my wife and Chris sitting next to each other on a couch in what appeared to be a guest room.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to tell him anyways and I know for a fact that he’s going to enjoy hearing about this.” she tells him.

Chris had a shocked look on his face but seemed to take it all in stride, saying “Well, if you’re sure…”

At this point I got a good look at the scene before me. Looking down I saw Chris’s cock in Josie’s hand and her eyes were open wide; her hand barely covered the bottom half of his shaft! I watched as my sexy wife leaned forward and slowly licked the head of his cock, all the way around, twisting her tongue around it. She began to move her mouth on his shaft, up and down just over the head, sucking hard.

Josie stopped for a minute looking up at him and saying “If this is going to happen it’s going to happen my way, now stand up in front of me” Chris readily agreed with her, standing up and dropping his pants.

He put his cock to my wife’s lips again and said, “Please Josie, your mouth feels so good.” Grabbing his rear with her hands she opened her mouth and engulfed as much of it as she could, which was maybe a little over half.

As she moved her head back to take a break her eyes rose up and met mine in the doorway. Her gaze lingered on mine for a moment, even as she began to go back down on his big cock. Josie released one hand and beckoned me to come in with one finger. I closed the door behind me and took my pants off, releasing my painfully erect cock.

She stopped sucking on his cock long enough to say “You see what happens when you leave me all alone and in need, John? Not that it appears to have bothered you too much,” she giggled “does watching me suck on this big dick turn you on, honey?” she says as she noticed my erection.

Josie continued to stroke Chris while leaning towards me and swallowing my cock all the way down, slithering her tongue all over, taking me right into her throat. She took her mouth off my cock and sat there holding both our cocks, one in each hand. Chris had to be 10″ at least and made my wife’s hand look tiny. I don’t think I’m small by any means but this thing was ridiculous.

Josie looked at each of us in turn and asked “Who’s going to fuck me first?” I looked at Chris and told him that he should go ahead, he was there first anyways.

“Are you sure honey? Look at his cock, that thing is going to stretch my little pussy” she says.

I wink at her telling Chris again to go ahead but that I had to take care of one thing first. I laid her down and begin to kiss and lick her extremely soaking pussy. Her wetness was literally dripping, and I just lapped it up.

“Okay, if that’s how you want it baby get out of his way and let him at my pussy.”

I shuffled out of the way as Josie spread her legs wider. Chris lined up his cock and slowly began entering my wife’s tight little pussy. It seemed as if he was continuously inserting it, like it just wouldn’t stop. He got about half way inside and stopped, giving her little hole time to adapt to that large of a cock.

He slowly started to move back, once again taking forever sliding his cock out and then back in slightly deeper this time.

“Ooooh” Josie let out a big moan, unable to control herself. “I have never felt anything like this before!” she exclaimed “I’m just so full.”

Chris continued slowly fucking her, taking his time pushing his big cock in and out of her tight little pussy. He reached down and played with her clit while continuing to screw her. I moved in and began kissing, first her neck and then her mouth. I could feel her panting between our kisses from the passion of her love making.

I looked into her eyes as she bit her lip “This is so good baby; his cock is stretching my pussy so much.”

She told him she needed a break and that he should stand next to her. As Chris moved his cock to Josie’s face level I moved down and started licking and sucking on her clit and pussy. She was still unbelievably wet, more so than before if that was possible, dripping all over my chin. Josie began to shake as an intense orgasm rocked her body, with Chris still in her mouth.

She told Chris that she wanted to feel his cock inside her again as she knelt on the couch with her breasts hanging over the back side. I moved around in front of my wife and she took my cock in her mouth, as Chris entered her from behind. I could feel the vibration of her moan as he pushed his swollen cock inside her.

This time he was not so slow and he began fucking my wife faster and harder than before. Josie told him that she wanted to feel his cum inside of her and that sent him over the edge as he released a big rush of cum inside my loving wife’s tight pussy. His cock popped out with an audible “pop” and some cum began leaking out of her honey pot immediately. Josie looked at Chris, thanking him for a wonderful time but letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that he was dismissed now.

“Did you like finding me here and watching me baby?” I nodded “Good. Now get over here, I need to feel you inside of me, my love.” were the words from my beautiful wife’s mouth.

I moved over behind her, as she remained kneeling on the couch, and I pushed my cock inside Josie’s stretched and sloppy pussy; enjoying the silky feeling of my wife’s pussy full of a strangers cum. It didn’t take me very long to pump my own load inside of her, with all of the excitement of the night.

We both collapsed on the couch after that, me holding Josie from behind, when we heard someone say “So that’s where you got off too… good to see you found your wife, John.”

We both turned to see Josie’s girl friend standing in the door way with one hand in her skirt…

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