I had sex tonight!

Tonight I had sex with Mr. J and it was good!
He took some pictures for all of you to enjoy at home.

Whenever I need to have my pussy shaved, I let Mr. J do so. Tonight he decided it was time for it to become smooth again. I sat down with my legs spread wide open and after having masssaged the shaving gel into every fold, he started to gently shave my pussy.
Once in a while one of his fingers “slipped” and penetrated my pussy with ease.

Afterwards I wanted to shave Mr. J’s balls. I always love when they are smooth and soft. It’s much more delicious to lick shaved balls than hairy ones.

When we were done in the bathroom we were both really horny and hurried into the bedroom. Mr. J put on one of our porn movies “Black Reign” and we watched it while kissing. Just like the girl in the movie I took Mr. J’s cock in my mouth. He moaned and the taste of his his pre-cum made me even more horny.
I switched between sucking his cock and wanking it until he pushed me back onto the bed and in one long thrust penetrated me.

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