I wanted to please my man

The other day as I was writing another blog entry I got a little horny and decided that it was time to please my man.
I told him I wanted to write a short story on Bustyblog about me giving him a hand/blow job. Naturally he thought is was a great idea! 

In the bathroom we took off some of our clothes and I began to play around with his cock. At first I gently stroked it and carefully let my nails tickle his balls. His cock responded instantly by getting really hard and as I pulled his foreskin all the way back Mr J. moaned in pleasure.

When I took off my 44DD bra he quickly began to lick my nipples and massage my boobs. I just love it when he does that!
While we were kissing I grabbed his cock with one hand and his ass with the other and started to give him my magic hand treatment.

Mr J's hard cock

Soon the sight of his delicious rod was too much for me to handle and I took his entire cock in my mouth. It tasted so good! The tast of his pre-cum filled my mouth and made me even more horny.
I pressed my lips tight around his cock as I sucked it and I could hear that it wouldn’t take much longer before he would cum. I picked up the pace and with a deep roar he squirted his cum all over my firm boobs.

Now he owes me one…