I’m off to Las Vegas!

Yihaa!! I’m going to the fabulous city of Las Vegas again for the 3rd time in 1.5 years. I guess I really like it there :)

I’m going with 4 other guys and Murielle which you all should remember from this post. Two of the guys I’m going with own the largest site in Belgium and The Netherlands and are going to do a documentary about the Las Vegas nightlife. Ofcourse we’re talking about the kinky side of nightlife :)

For instance we will be heading over to the world famous Green Door Las Vegas, a swingers club “à la lettre”. And the best thing is we have permission to shoot some video while we are there. So stay tuned for some exclusive video swinger material when I get back! You can check out their pictures in the meantime.

I might even visit the doctor’s office at the Green Door:

Or take a nap in the hammock:

Until then, behave and keep on fucking!

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