Im The Big Dog

Ok, so I was watching a special on A&E on the arrest of Dog the Bounty Hunty, because you know, it’s important fucking news!  Anyways there’s this toad who has on CNN and she’s reporting about the outrageous bounty hunter and his fantastic wife.

Here’ where it gets relative.  This CNN reporter was saying something about Dog’s dire predicament and how many American’s were interested in his release.  To demonstrate America’s obsession she stated their their web-site on the matter had nearly “1 million hits”.

Now what’s funny is last month I had “1 million hits”.  Now some may say that in this day and age hits are a meaningless stat.  I prefer to think that my depraved pornsites are just as important as Dog’s unfortunate jailing to the American public.  Spin it ’til it feels good, I often say.