In Arrears

“Please sit down,” Nancy said to Miss Danon, “would you care for some coffee?” “This isn’t a social call, Mrs. Wyatt,” Ellie Danon shot back stiffly, I want to keep this meeting to strictly business!” “Uh, sure,” Nancy stammered, “I just thought….” Ignoring the flustered woman, Ellie Danon opened up her brief case and pulled out a thick file, the Nancy could see had the name “Wyatt” spelled out in big red letters. After opening the file and thumbing through a few pages, Miss Danon place the file on the kitchen table, crossed her arms, and said, “Your eight months behind in your mortgage payments, and from what I can see, you have absolutely no way making up what you already owe, let alone all your future obligations!” Nancy fidgeted in her seat, while waiting for Miss Danon to finish. “Now,” Miss Danon continued, “I feel that the bank’s only option is to repossess, but if you have anything to add, I’m listening!” “Well,” Nancy stumbled, “you see, we’ve had a lot of bad luck lately, with my husband’s passing away, and I’ve been sick and missed a lot of work….” “Yes, yes, yes,” Miss Danon interrupted, “all of that’s in your file, and much as I sympathize with your predicament, the bank is certainly not a charitable institution, and even though your mother carried you for nine months, we at Bank & Trust will not!!!” Nancy was just about to respond, when her eighteen year old daughter Erin came into the kitchen to get a snack. “How’s it going, mom,” Erin asked, as she poured herself a glass of milk?” “Uh, okay, dear,” her mom replied, “could you please excuse us honey, we still have a lot to go over?!?” “No prob,” Erin answered, “I’ll be in watching television!” As Erin left the kitchen, Ellie Danon couldn’t take her eyes off the ass of the cute teenager, and asked, “What’s her name!?!” “Erin,” came the quick reply, “she’s my one and only!!!” “”She’s very pretty,” commented Miss Danon, “how old is she!?!” “She’ll be nineteen in about three weeks,” Nancy responded, while Miss Danon, still looking at the open door Erin had just passed through, just said, “Hmmmmm!”

The two women then went back and forth, until Miss Danon finally said, “This is getting us nowhere, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask the board to commence fore closure proceedings against your property!!!” Even though she had know for months that this was day was coming, it was still a shock to actually hear it out loud, and with all of her frustrations and fears bubbling to the surface, Nancy Wyatt broke down and sobbed!!! Ellie Danon let Nancy go on for a good two minutes before she quietly interjected, “There maybe is a way we could stall this thing, but it’s entirely up to you!!!” Nancy stopped crying almost immediately and asked in a stuttering voice, “H-how can I stop it, I don’t have any money!?!” “Well,” Miss Danon said, obviously choosing her words very carefully, “you have a very beautiful daughter, and I happen to have a weak spot for, how shall we say it, the younger things in life!!!” Nancy sat there in stunned silence, not sure that she had heard Miss Danon correctly!!! “Y-y-you mean to say that you want my daughter…..,” Nancy replied with her voice tailing off!?! Miss Danon didn’t respond to Nancy’s question, instead she sat silently, while staring intently back at Nancy! Nancy recoiled at the suggestion, and was about to respond when Erin came back into the kitchen and said, “Sorry, but I forgot my cookie!” Ellie Danon again couldn’t take her eyes off the young stunner, and mentally undressed the teenage nymph with her eyes!!! After Erin went back into the living room, Miss Danon turned to Nancy and said evenly, “I either have her, or you’re out tomorrow!!!” “I can’t,” Nancy wailed, “she’d never do it!!!” “Well,” Ellie Danon responded, “we won’t know until you ask her, will we!?!” With a shrug of her shoulders, Nancy went into the living room to explain the situation!

Five minutes later, Nancy and Erin came into the kitchen together and Erin asked, “What do you want me to do!?!” “That’s a good little girl,” Ellie replied, “if you do as you’re told you can continue to live here, but if not, you’ll be gone tomorrow, got it?!?” Erin nodded her head yes, and asked again, “What do you want me to do!?!” “Take off all of your clothes,” Ellie ordered, “I want to see your young body naked!!!” As her mother looked on helplessly, her daughter quickly removed every stitch of clothing, and then stood naked in front of Ellie Danon! Ellie just loved young girls, their bodies were so perfect, with puffy nipples on small firms tits, narrow waists, slim hips, and vaginas with usually just a touch of pubic hair!!! Erin, was all of that and more, as her breasts were bigger than usual for a eighteen year old, and her nipples, well they were pink and bulging, enough to make a grown woman’s cunt get wet!!! “You have a very pretty body, dear,” Ellie said softly, “come here so I can taste your nipples!!!” Having never had any type of sexual contact with a person of either sex, Erin was stunned at the intense feeling she felt when Ellie Danon’s mouth began nursing on her nipple, and she moaned, “Oh, my, that feels so good, I never imagined it would be this way!!!” Just hearing Erin so enthused with her sucking, Ellie slid a finger between the young girls legs and began probing her vagina gently! “Oh, Erin,” Ellie whispered, “your vagina is just dripping!!!” At the touch of the older woman, Erin gasped out loud and begged, “Oh, yes, do that, right on that spot, oh my, you know just how to do it to me!!!” Tears welled up in Nancy’s eyes, she was happy that her daughter seemed to respond like a woman should, but she was saddened that it wasn’t on her wedding night with her husband!!! Ellie continued to suck on Erin’s budding breast, and with her finger, she worked the girl’s pussy like a conductor leading an orchestra, and in a few minutes, she brought her to her first orgasm of her life!!! “Oh, mama,” Erin panted, “is it always this good, I just can’t believe it!!!” Her mother, still in a state of shock, answered her daughter, “Yes, dear, you seemed to have inherited my love for sex, so for the rest of your life you will be addicted to the constant urge to climax!!!

After Erin had calmed down, Ellie stood up, hiked her skirt up over her hips, pulled off her panty hose and panties, and then sat back down with her legs open wide and said, “Now it’s your turn to satisfy me, dear, I want you to get down on your knees and suck my vagina for me!!!” With a look of trepidation, Erin slowly lowered herself between Ellie Danon’s legs and just stared at the bulging lips of smoothly shave pussy before saying, “She’s completely shaved, mama, and her lips are all wet and open!!!” “Well dear,” her mother said softly, “she’s very excited and needs to have and orgasm!!!” “Mom,” Erin asked, “is your vagina wet right now too!?!” “Uh, well, yes, I guess it is,” she replied haltingly!!! Erin looked up at Erin and asked, “Is it okay if my mom does her pussy too!?!” A smile broke out over Ellie’s face and she answered, “I think that that is a lovely idea, dear, yes, I think your mom should have her orgasm too!!!” “Now,” Ellie continued, “please take care of my vagina, dear, it so needs the attention of your warm mouth!!!” Nancy’s head was a reel, she never in her wildest dreams would have thought that she and her daughter would be having sex with another woman–together!!! She had been right about one thing, however, Erin was a natural, with a vagina that could cum at the drop of a hat, and a body and face that would drive men and women wild!!! Her fingers snaked inside her panties, and as was usually the case, when she was excited, her clit was erect and ready to go!!! The two older women both let out simultaneous moans, Ellie caused by the slithering tongue of a eighteen year old Lolita, and Nancy from her experienced finger and the sight of her pretty young daughter paying homage to a plump pussy with her mouth!!! It had never crossed Erin’s mind that she would enjoy performing oral sex on a woman, but much to her delight, Ellie’s vagina had a wonderfully erotic aroma and a clean sweet taste that seemed to arouse her even more!!! “Eat me, dear,” Ellie moaned, “eat my fat pussy, make me cum!!!” Nancy’s finger flew over erect little organ, and what was turning her on, seeing her daughter suck off a hot pussy, that’s what!!! Nancy was right on the edge, as was Ellie, but what really blew both Nancy’s and Ellie’s minds was when little Erin reached down and began fingering her own pussy for all she was worth!!! Erin in fact, was the first to go, and her loud groan into Ellie’s pussy pushed both older women over the edge and crashing on the orgasmic rocks!!!

Ellie was the first to speak and she said, “Wow, that was the best I’ve ever had, I just love young pussy!!!” “I guess I come from good stock,” Erin replied sheepishly, a little embarrassed that she had cum so hard again!!!” Ellie pulled on her panties and said, “Now you only owe seven months, same time next month?!?” Nancy looked at her daughter who nodded happily and then replied, “yeah, same time next month!!!”