Just relax and enjoy!

Today as I was surfing for porn I came across these pictures on Her First Big Cock and thought that the girl looked somewhat like me. They made me rather horny and I began to rub my clitoris while watching.
I closed my eyes and imagined that I was her.

My friend had invited me to a small party at her place the other night. But unfortunately she was called back to work right after dinner. She left me her home keys and told me to lock up when everybody had gone home.

After 30min the only ones left was me and my friends brother James and his best friend Randy. They quickly persuaded me to stay and we turned up the music and continued to drink.
Suddenly I felt how the alcohol hit me like a hammer and I had to sit down on the couch. In a matter of minutes I dozed off. I barely noticed how James and Randy sat down next to me.

James whispered in my ear that they would take good care of me and I only need to “relax and enjoy and they will do all the work”, if I would let them.
As they pull my top down and begin to lick my nipples and kiss me, I lean back and enjoy their touch. Their hands grab my boobs and massage them with great intensity. I moan and my nipples get really hard. I can feel my pulse beat faster and my pussy become wet as James pulls my pants down.

Double nipple sucking I get pounded by James and Randy

After what feels like forever, Randy shoots him cum deep inside me. He continues to pound me with every squit. James is also close, but he wants to cum on my big boobs. With warm cum still running down my legs, I lie back and enjoy as he tittyfucks me. He squirts his juices all over my massive rack and as the last drops leave his cock I take his cock in my mouth one last time and lick it clean.

I open my eyes and realize that I am all alone. My clitoris still big and sensitive from all the orgasms I gave myself while fantasizing about the pictures. I put my pants back on and turn off my computer. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Maybe I will find more great pictures to have fun with.