Latina Schoolgirl Flashes Her Panties and More

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here’s a shot from the “you didn’t expect that” file. Ava Mendez is Latina schoolgirl with a natural look and a nice body, but you don’t expect this schoolgirl to spread open her legs to reveal her panties to you. You don’t expect to find pink lace lingerie panties there either, so you know this schoolgirl has a few tricks up her sleeve. In the end, all the panty flashing and such is just to fix her math grades:

Young Ava Mendes was having some trouble in math class and her teacher was nice enough to stay after school with her every day this week for some tutoring. Unfortunately, she still wasnt getting it and was told that she wasnt gonna graduate. Bummer. She must be smarter than she thought because Ava quickly turned to the ONE things she has learned to do very well over the years – sucking on and riding huge cocks! All the positions shes put in, and her enthusiasm, most definitely shows how Ava puts forth her maximum effort on that dick to pass her math class with an A plus.

I don’t know about you, but if this little Latina schoolgirl flashed her panties at me, I would give her a passing grade too!

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