Life Advice from Boogie

Here is a simple flowchart for you to follow to help you in your relationships in life.

Problem: My girlfriend is crazy.

1) all women are crazy. Determine how crazy your woman is. use this friendly scale to determine her insanity level
1 – angelina jolie
10 – lorena bobbet

If she’s closer to angelina jolie who only cuts herself and cary’s viles of blood on herself, you’ve found a good one.

If she cuts off your penis and throws it into a field you have a bad one.

The lower she is on the scale the longer you can hang out with her.

2) bang her until she cuts off your dick and throws it into a field.

Now, this view may seem somewhat misogonistic so let me say that there are in fact women in this world who are not crazy, but you’ll never be lucky enough to find one. But they are out there (and they’re mostly short and redheaded).