Making a Baby

Apolonia opened the oven door to check the roasting chicken, and the aroma of the cooking bird wafted across the room, filling it with sweet pungent aroma. “Another twenty minutes and it’ll be ready,” she said to herself, while giving the sweet potatoes a quick stir. Her husband Hank would be home any minute now, and as was her custom, she always had a hearty meal waiting for him on the table. Even after five years of marriage Apolonia still got a thrill when her husband entered a room, and she often wondered how many wives could say that!?! Being a good Catholic girl of strict Italian parents, everyone was shocked when she up and married Hank, a tall black man from the west coast! Her mother cried her eyes out upon receiving the news, but Apie, as her father called her, was adamant and even though it hurt her parents deeply, married her college sweetheart the day after he graduated from law school! As the years passed, even Apie’s mother had to admit that Hank was a good husband to her daughter while providing her with all of the creature comforts anyone could possibly want. Hank was a man on a mission and already he was a partner in the firm he joined out of college. For the last five years he worked like a dog to climb the company ladder as well as buy a new expensive house for his young wife, but the one sacrifice they had made was the putting off of having any children. This was especially hard on Apie, as she came from a large family and was used to having a lot of people around, but she and Hank had decided that waiting a few years until they were more financially set would be the prudent thing to do.

As Apie finished setting the table, the front door burst open and Hank strode into the dining room, his handsome face glowing with excitement! “Great news,” his deep voice boomed, “I got the Exeter Steel account, we’ve finally made it!!!” Apie knew what this meant, that they could start their family!!! She ran to Hank, leaped into his arms and gave him a big hug and said softly in his ear, “Now we can start out family, Hank!!!” The two of them side by side looked like Mutt and Jeff, with Hank standing a towering six feet four inches tall, while Apie had to stretch to reach five feet two! Scooping his wife up in his powerful arms, Hank carried her up the stairs to their bedroom, where he lay her back on the bed and started taking off his suit. He stared down at Apie with a mixture of love and lust in his eyes, this small delicate flower with the long dark hair and sweet smile, and the eyes, my god the eyes, his heart always skipped a beat when he looked into the brown doe eyes of his beautiful bride! Seeing her husband removing his things, Apie felt a rush of desire filling her loins, and when he got down to his powder blue boxers, she could see the outline of his huge erection fighting to free itself from its cotton prison! She stared in quiet wonder, never tiring of seeing the massive black organ springing into view! When he was finally naked, standing proudly before her, he told her softly, “For the first time we don’t have to use a condom, I can feel your pussy like it was meant to be felt!!!” Apie, now growing increasingly wet, slid off her own things until she was down to her bra and panties. While she was unlike most young Italian women in that she had a small slim frame, she was Italian all the way when it came to the chest department, her bra being filled by her heavy 32DD breasts! Hank stared as she reached around behind her back and unhooked the strap that held her boobs in place. Puffing out her chest, the black brassiere slid off her shoulders and away from her body, exposing two of the most succulent breasts Hank had ever seen!!! He was a little ashamed to admit it, but the first thing that attracted him to his wife were her incredible boobs! “God, Apie,” he groaned, while taking his meat into his hand and fisting it savagely, “every time you do that just about makes me shoot!” She laughed lightly, thrusting them up to her now panting husband and said, “Come to mama and make her feel good!!!” Hank released his cock and slid down on the bed next to her, and then gently took a large nipple into his mouth and sucked on it like a baby! Apie held his head in her arms and cooed as her muscular husband played the part of a suckling child, slobbering all over her chest as he nipped and sucked on her dark nipples.

The relentless mouth attached to her breasts was making her vagina leak like a sieve, and she unconsciously crossed and uncrossed her legs while trying to put pressure on her throbbing clitoris! While he sucked, Apolonia reached down and held Hank’s erection in her small hand, caressing and rubbing it like it was a piece of smooth ebony! Both of their crotches, her vagina, and his penis, were now in desperate need to cohabitate, and when Apie whispered in her husband’s ear that she needed him right now, he lay back on the bed with his cock sticking straight up, offering his wife the ride of her life!!! Of all the ways he fucked her, this was her favorite because it afforded her the most control, and allowed her to tease him a bit until she let him ejaculate! Straddling his waist, she slowly lowered her vagina slowly onto the head of the thick monster that grew from her husband’s groin, and by moving her hips from side to side, allowed it to slip into her warm wetness! Hank was now groaning out loud, almost in a frenzy to drive his meat deep into his wife’s tight little pussy! As turned on as he was, he could have easily over powered her and rammed his pecker home, but as large as his cock was, and was tight as her little pussy was, he knew that he would tear her cunt to shreds with just a stroke or two, so for this reason, every time they made love was like the first time, him going gentle and slow, while she worked his thickness into her until it was buried deep inside of her little twat! The disadvantage of having a woman with such a tight cunt was that every time you fucked her you had to take it really slow, but the converse of that meant that you had a woman whose cunt felt like it was being fucked for the very first time!!! Even as much as he wished he could just jam her hard and shoot his load, it was that much better watching her face as each inch slid into her tight little box, her whole body seeming to shake and quiver with a mini orgasm as her cunt slowly swallowed his thick black dick!

The sensations they were experiencing were unreal as Apie ground her pussy hard all around Hank’s straining erection!!! “Oh, baby,” she whimpered, “you make me feel so much like a pussy, so much like a female, your cock, it fills me up, just like my love for you fills me up!!!” Hank couldn’t hold back any longer, and started to drive his meat in and out of his wife’s pussy while her heavy breasts bounced in front of his face! He reached out and took a breast in either hand, thumbing her hard nipples, making her cunt begin its involuntary contraction that signaled the onset of her orgasm!!! As her cunt tried to strangle his organ, Hank’s nut sack tightened up, a sure sign that his own climax was eminent!!! As their hips moved in unison, their eyes locked, Hank said softly to his bride, “Let’s make a beautiful baby!!!” Hearing those words was all it took, and Apie’s eyes rolled back in her head as her orgasm boiled over like a tea pot on a hot stove!!! Hank’s pecker, now a piston ramming in and out of Apie’s helpless cunt, lurched once or twice and then erupted like a volcano into his wife’s incredible pussy!!!

As they lay in each other’s arms, all at once Apie jerked to her elbows and exclaimed, “Oh my god, I forgot to turn off the chicken!!!” Hank laughed, gave her a big hug and replied, “Were going to make love again and then order Chinese!!!”