More Jordan Capri and other stuff

First off, the next part of the Jordan Capri Hardcore Honeymoon is out… so if you are a lover of fine amateur girls doing what they shouldn’t, or are just a dirty voyeur like me, then click here to check out Jordan Capri.  It’s nice stuff.  Hand held camera stuff, but still… nice :)   Certainly a great way to start your day off!

Also, a whole bunch of new sites out this week… one in particular that is going really well is Virgin Teen Lesbians.  Now, let me make this clear… all the girls on this site are not virgins, and some of them don’t look to be really very teen either, but the action is decent and well, heck, why not?   The premise is a girl who gets invited by a friend to “take some pictures” or whatever, not realizing that the friend has a real lesbian crush on her.  The action is darn good, particularly a bunch of strapon and dildo play here… Click here to Virgin Teen Lesbians .

I have been working on some offline stuff as well, so some of the blogs are a little behind.  But things should pick up to normal again this week as we fly headlong into the whole holiday period.  Happy and Merry and Joyous whatever turns you on