Ms. T and her big mouth

At a party recently where a lot of people had gotten just a little too much to drink we ran into this well dressed but loudly bragging black dude. This guy was talking a lot about the size of his cock and what not. Most people just ignored him or shoke their heads in disbelief.

Of course Ms. T couldn’t keep her mouth shut and said: “If it’s really that big let us see it!”.
He looked at her and then at her tits and said: “Only if I can see your tits.”

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When he was completely empty Ms. T looked like she had just had a cumbath. “I told you you’d want to fuck me if you saw my cock” Damian said. Ms. T just smiled and layed down on the bed. Without saying another word he picked up his clothes and left for the bathroom.

Seeing my Queen getting a fuck of a lifetime like this made me extremely horny. I pulled out my cock and rammed it in into Ms. T’s pussy. She was huge, warm, wet and used but I loved it. Before I knew it I filled her pussy with my hot white cum. We looked at each other and simultaneously said “Oh my Gawd!”