My Best Friends Hot Wife

I live in a condo complex with about a dozen units and a great pool and exercise facility. I’m single, thirty years old, and have a good job with one of the top airlines. A close friend and former college buddy is a pilot with the same airline and he and his wife Renee live just a couple of doors down from me. Renee is twenty-six and a real beauty. Sam and Renee have been happily married for three years. When she’s at the pool in her bikini it’s hard for me to take my eyes off of her, but as my buddy’s wife I can’t even think about that body — at least I shouldn’t think about that body. Sam is a copilot with a lot of hours and gets his share of international flights, mostly to Europe, so he’s gone several times a month for three or four days at a time.

About three months ago I was coming home about ten or eleven one night and I saw Renee’s car drive out of the parking lot. Sam had just left that day on a flight to Paris. I didn’t think much about it until early the next morning when I saw her car was not back in the lot. Perhaps she was up to something with some guy, but their marriage seemed so solid I had trouble believing that. Being interested in her myself and curious about that night away from home, I began to watch her closely when Sam was out of town.

The first thing I noticed was that she always went out the first night he was away. That was the night he was flying the Atlantic all night and could not make a phone call home. The next time Sam left on a flight I waited in my car down the street a block or so. Sure enough, her car passed me and I followed her. She drove to a high-end motel near the airport that was frequented by a large number of traveling businessmen. There was a real nice bar and I followed her into it. Keeping out of sight, I watched her. She was wearing a sexy outfit and was sitting at the bar, barely sipping her drink. From time to time a guy would sit next to her and they would have a brief conversation. Then the guy would walk away. Finally one guy stayed and they talked for almost an hour. Then they left together and I followed them to the elevator. They went upstairs and I went home. The next morning she drove into the parking lot about eight o’clock.

I started keeping a log on her activities. Her pattern was consistent. She went to the same motel on the night of Sam’s overseas flight. At the bar she talked with several guys before selecting one to go upstairs with. On two occasions she did not go upstairs with any guy, but drove back home. I kept a written log of her activities for three months, during which time I figured she had fucked almost a dozen guys. This was the exact pattern of a hooker, but somehow I knew that Renee was not a hooker. It was time to confront her. So the next time Sam left for an overseas flight, I took a day off and dropped in on her shortly after noon.

“Hi Renee. Did Sam get off for Paris this morning?”

“Yeah, he’s on his way.” She invited me into the living room and we sat down.

“I wanted to catch you before you went out tonight so we could talk.”

She gave me a funny look. “Went out?”

I did not answer but stood up, walked over to her, and handed her my log of her activities for the past three months. She looked puzzled. Then she started to read it. After a couple of minutes she looked up at me with a frightened look on her face, then dove back into it again and read it carefully to the end. When she finished, tears were running down her cheeks.

“What are you going to do?” She was crying quietly and dabbing her cheeks with a tiny blue handkerchief that she had taken out of her purse.

“I’m going to listen to your explanation,” I said.

“I can’t tell you!” She said quickly. “I just can’t tell you.”

“Then I give this log to Sam.”

I’m sure she believed I would do that because she knew Sam and I had been friends since college. She sat for over a minute, silently, looking off into space. I could tell she was trying to figure out what to do. I didn’t see that she had a choice. Then she looked at me.

“You can’t tell Sam. Our marriage would be finished. If you promise not to tell him, I’ll tell you what I’m doing.”

“You’re not in a position to be extracting promises from me. Tell me what you’re doing.”

“Okay, but please don’t tell him. Sam is the love of my life. I was lucky to find him and I am happy with our life together. It’s perfect except for one thing. Please don’t tell him this. Please! When we make love he has his orgasm in just a few minutes and then gets soft before I am satisfied. We went to the doctor and he had us try several things. He told me privately that he had done all that he could do. So when Sam got a little bit better and lasted a little longer, I pretended to have orgasms right after he did. But I was not satisfied and I ended up using my vibrator a lot, which is not the same as sex with a man.”

She continued. “Now before I met Sam I had been with a couple of guys in college and I knew I could come if the guy lasted long enough. I didn’t have sex with Sam before we got married, so I didn’t know about his problem. Then one night about a year ago I had gone to the airport to pick up Sam. I was sitting in the motel bar when Sam called my cell and said there was an equipment problem and he would not get back till the next morning. Two guys had already hit on me and a third made another try. He looked nice so we talked and one thing led to another and I went upstairs with him and, well … you know. Anyway, I had an orgasm with that guy and it was the first orgasm that I had had with a man since college. That’s how it got started. Then each time I knew Sam was going to fly I would get this strong need for sex starting days before he left and driving me crazy the day he left. So, for almost a year I’ve been going out to that motel the night Sam is flying the Atlantic — when I know he can’t call home.”

That’s quite a story, I thought, and it’s probably true. But if she needs to get laid I can take care of that very nicely. I’d been thinking about her for a long time. No harm in trying. So I made the offer.

“Renee, let me make a suggestion. Why don’t we put on our suits and spend the afternoon at the pool. I have a couple of steaks in the fridge and a bottle of good Bordeaux. I’ll grill those steaks, we can have dinner, and put on some soft music and dance. Then you can get what you need right at home and not have to drive across town for it. And I’ll just forget about that activity log I’ve been keeping.”

She looked me straight in the eye. “What about Sam?”

“Sam will never know a thing.”

“I love him, you know. There can never be anything between you and me.”

“Renee, I guarantee that there will only be one thing between you and me.”

She laughed. She actually laughed and looked relieved. “I have been so afraid of getting caught or bringing some damn disease home. This is actually the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. I’ll put my suit on and meet you at the pool.”

“Make it your smallest suit.”

It was. It was the smallest bikini I had ever seen her wear. And it was white. When it got wet I could see a pair of beautiful nipples and a big hairy beaver. We didn’t do anything but talk at the pool, but it was a fun afternoon in the sun. I enjoyed looking at her body and thinking about what was going to happen. After the pool we got into a couple of big white fluffy robes with nothing underneath. It was hard to keep my attention on grilling the steaks. Then a couple of Glenlivets and a candle light dinner followed. We had a wonderful evening that I will remember for a long time.

That first time I fucked Renee, I realized she was an extraordinary sexual creature. We had been drinking and had a smoke, so we were relaxed. From the moment we put on our robes after an afternoon in the sun, we both started to think about sex. You can’t be naked under a robe and not think about sex. Renee was horny as hell because she had been thinking about this night for several days — she just didn’t expect it to be me.

We put on some soft music and started dancing in our robes. It didn’t take me long. I got this raging hard-on. When we danced apart I showed it to her, by letting it come out of my robe. My cock was sticking out straight and bouncing up and down as I danced. She stared at it. I was surprised at how long she watched it bouncing as I moved. This was the first time she had seen it. But not the last — not the last by a damn site!

Anyway, she took her time looking at it. I can still remember that moment exactly in my mind. My robe was open and my cock was sticking straight out and bouncing up and down as I danced and Renee was staring at it, fascinated. Then she dropped to her knees and started to suck it. Her mouth was hot and her tongue swirled teasingly around the head of my cock. After a few minutes, I pulled her to her feet and, stripped off her robe, and mine.

Then, I laid her down on the rug on her back, naked, and watched hungrily as she spread her legs. And, there, was that big, beautiful, hairy, beaver covering a wet pussy — wet and ready! I had dreamed about Renee’s body for a very long time and this was the first time I had seen her naked — but the only thing I saw at that moment was her wet, ready, available, pussy! I couldn’t wait and neither could she. I dropped down between her legs and shoved in my cock. She was hot, soft, and receptive. She relaxed her pussy, lifted-up her ass, and ground that curly hairy beaver up, against-me. I shoved my cock deep inside her — and she moaned and grabbed my hips to pull me even closer. She lifted up tighter against me, and embraced me with her thighs. Then, as I pulled back from that first thrust, she tightened her pussy squeezing my cock tightly as she dropped her ass. Her muscles were strong, like her pussy was grabbing my cock and, milking it down. Those muscles proved she had done her Kegel exercises diligently.

With each thrust she relaxed her pussy, lifted up her ass, and took me deep, grinding that hairy beaver into me. Then, as I pulled back, she tightened her pussy, dropped her ass and milked down my cock. In and out – relax and tighten. Pumping her ass in perfect rhythm. Our bodies slapped noisily together. We were both sweating after a couple of minutes. I didn’t think about it till later but she was so damn good with that pussy — no wonder Sam had trouble holding his load. But if I ever needed to fuck her and not come too soon this was the time.

After about five minutes of fucking like newly weds, her face lost the look of concentration. She started looking at something on the ceiling. The pumping of her hips changed and she just lifted her pussy up to me and held it there as if she were waiting for something. I pumped her harder. Her head tilted back, her eyes glazed over and then closed tight, and her body started to tremble. I felt her finger nails clutch my back and then I felt her pussy contracting on my dick and her hips started pumping frantically. She had a long, escalating, and gratifying orgasm, grunting huskily with each contraction. I could feel and hear the juices in her pussy as I continued to pound her. Her contractions were the strongest I have ever felt in any pussy — and I have fucked a lot of pussies.

When she was finished she looked up at me and started to watch my face again and her hips resumed the regular pumping. Damn! That pussy was milking my dick like a strong hand. I felt my own orgasm approaching and as it did I could feel my balls lifting up high and tight in my scrotum. She saw the change in my face! I quickened my stroke, as my orgasm got closer, and she pumped faster matching my rhythm and milking my cock with that tight pussy. Then, suddenly, she smiled. It was a great big smile, with her eyes lighting up. She relaxed her pussy, spread her thighs wide, and laid back to take my load deep – just as I started to pump it. She had seen my orgasm in my face even before I felt it. I pumped my load and collapsed on her sweating body — drained – panting — resting with her.

Both of us had worked hard. The last thing I remember was that big grin of success on her face just before I started to come. She enjoyed watching me work for my orgasm. She had never seen that with Sam. Sam didn’t need to work for it because he always came before either of them wanted him to. She held me close, my cock growing soft inside her.

“That you,” she said. “That was wonderful. It was the best I’ve ever had.”

“You’ve done your Kegels,” I said.

She laughed. “You could tell?”

“I could tell baby. I thought you were going to crush my dick.”

“Too strong?” She looked disappointed.

“I’m kidding! No, not too strong. Just about the best I ever felt.”

“You’re not kidding me?”

I shook my head. “No. You’re the best fuck I ever had.”

“Oh come on. I know you’re kidding me now. How many women have you had?”

“A couple of dozen.” I said. “And you’re the best. You knew I was going to come before I did.”

“It was so nice to know I didn’t have to worry that you’d come first. I just fucked you hard the way I like and enjoyed it. And then, after you brought me off, I was so relaxed that I could just lay back and enjoy fucking until you came. Watching your face and helping you was the most fun of all. God! How I enjoyed watching you work for it! Watching your face as you got closer and closer. That turned me on so much I got to thinking about coming again.”

She looked so happy and relaxed. “What are you thinking?” I asked.

“I’m just lying here thinking what a great fuck you are and how we’re gonna do it again in a few minutes and then again and again in the next three days. Then I’m going to welcome the man I love home again and fuck him without any worry about me not being able to come with him. I’ll just watch him have his fun and show him a good time. Then in a week or so when I need to get fucked again I’ll know you’re there for me. And I’ll know that I’m safe because nobody’s gonna see me hanging out in that damn bar like a hooker and I’m not going to end up with herpes or something worse.”

She looked up at me and smiled. “What are you thinking?”

“I not thinking, I’m hoping. I’m hoping you keep doing your Kegels.”

She laughed and, pulling me on top of her, she said, “Kegels are better when there’s something to squeeze.”

I gave her something to squeeze.

That’s how it happened the first time. After that, I fucked her for three or four days several times each month when Sam was flying. We were careful that no one saw us together too much. Renee stayed in love with Sam, and Sam stayed my best friend. But what a pussy Renee had! Damn! What a pussy! She was an absolutely fantastic piece of ass!

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