My neighbour helped me wash my car

Today I decided it was time to wash my car. Since the weather was warm and sunny I put on my bikini to enjoy the sun.
As I began the washing I noticed my neighbour coming home from work. He almost hit a parked car because he kept his head turned in my direction as he passed me. I thought this was quite funny and began to play around with the garden hose to keep his attention on me.

After he parked his car he came over and asked if I needed a hand.
The conversation quickly turned into a naughty flirt. I told him that it was nice to see a guy who could really make things soaking wet and he replied that he enjoyed seeing a woman capable of handling a really big hose.

Do you wanna help me get wet?

Afterwards I decided to take a shower and while I was washing off his cum, he came into the bathroom and told me he had plans to wash his own car next week. I was welcome to join him he said and then he kissed me goodbye and left with a smile.