not much hair

Today I went to the beach and I hope you can help me with what I see.  Laying down near the water was a very pretty farang woman, who come from Germany I think.   She have very nice body, so I walked by her to get better look.

Her legs were slightly open, and I could see alot of hair peeking out the side of her bikini!  She did not have hair anywhere else, but I think her pussy have alot of hair.  Is it normal for lady to have alot of hair?  I went into the changing room by the beach and looking inside of my bikini.  I have only ver small fine hair near my treasure, and was shy to think that I should have alot.  My pussy is almost completely hairless!

Maybe Asian girls not have as much pussy hair as woman from Europe, or maybe I am special becuase I only have a little.  I take a photo of my pussy so you can see and tell me!

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