Of things small and minor…

First off, happy birthday to me… I turned a shocking (and some would say impressive) 42 on Thursday.  Quiet day, fielded some phone calls and emails from the well wishers (thanks!), and generally played it cool.   42 is suppose to be the answer to life, the universe, and everything, so here is to seeing if it fact it is true.

My birthday present is that my main desktop here got a prety solid upgrade, now up to a core2 duo processor(s) and a nice GEForce 7300GT video card, which certainly has improved the view from over here.  The thing is a beast, and runs pretty much everything like salsa through a goose.  It’s a nice way to celebrate getting older, I guess, by making your tool work better!

In order to pick up the parts, I did another “rental car” run to Toronto.  Hit two cars I had reviewed before, so no reason to run over that ground again.  But safe to say that my opinion of the new Camry was solidified by another 600kms behind the wheel of one of the nicest 4 door sedans in the class.  I could run that one all day and all night and never get tired!

In the porn world, well, not too much new and exciting.  The Jordan Capri Honeymoon Video is slowly leaking out, which is all good.  One thing for sure, this girl could likely suck a golf ball through a garden hose.  Nice stuff!

As for my own stuff, well… an important date coming up for me on November 16th will sort of clear up some things for me and give me an idea on some of the things I will be working on in the next 12 months or so.  Until then, I am in sort of a weird holding pattern, cleaning up some stuff and generally making all the porn stuff work better and be more up to date.  Otherwise, I am pretty quiet, and actually taking some time for myself these days, which feels pretty darn good.

So, enjoy!  Don’t forget to check out findpics free porn!